LG G5 H831 Oreo 8.0 Problems

LG G5 H831 Oreo 8.0 Problems

LG G5 H831 Oreo 8.0 Problems

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LG G5 H831 Oreo 8.0 Problems

Since I updated to Oreo my LG G5 no longer fast charges and also has mobile network connection issues.

I did a factory reset on my phone to see if this would fix the issue and it did not Angry.


For the mobile network, I lose data access intermittently, even though my status icons say LTE / LTE+. I either have to restart my phone or cycle airplane mode on/off. Using the data on/off toggle does not work. This appears to only be a problem if I am on the move, if I stay at home, no issues. If I cycle airplane mode in another location and stay there no problems.


What has LG done so wrong in this update?


Has anyone been able to resolve this? My phone is near useless now Sad.

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Re: LG G5 H831 Oreo 8.0 Problems

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@FidoRanya I called LG support, supposedly this Android 8.0 update messed up a lot of LG G5 models (not just the H831) and also caused other further issues for other people (+ finger print reader not working, + wifi not working, etc).


they are working to send out a patch in November or early December. I guess I'll be stuck waiting Sad

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This thread looks dead but I am also a client facing this data problem on my G5. I find this unacceptable that neither Fido or LG is offering help without any cost. I also want to point out that the problem comes from FIdo, I have been to the US lately and it was like my data problem was gone on the AT&T network.

Hi @assertnotnull


This is certainly not the impression we want to leave you.


To ensure we get to the bottom of this for you, could you share the steps you took to try to resolve this? Also, did you check with LG to see if the phone is still under warranty? 


Please keep the Community posted! 

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Hi @FidoFrancois,


My problem is not resolved. I just noticed I didn't have any problem with mobile data on AT&T network. I didn't check with LG personnally right now but from others feedback here LG asked them to pay for it.


The problem is intermittent and it feels it just wasn't tested enough with this Android update. Sometimes I can lose data a few minutes after I get it back working from going back and forth in airplane mode.

Hey @assertnotnull


Thank you for sharing these clarifications. Can you also confirm if you're experiencing any of the other situations mentioned above, relating to the OS update? Or, are you strictly having difficulties with your mobile data connection? 


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@FidoPierre I notice I also get missed calls when it happens,

Thanks for letting us know @assertnotnull


When this happens, did you notice if you lose the signal on your device altogether? 


Besides putting your phone in Airplane Mode, did you try any other troubleshooting steps so far and if yes, can you let us know what they are?



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It doesn't show that I have no signal.

I tried the diagnostic mode doing *#*#4262#*#* and check there, turning mobile data on off but feels like I get the same result as airplane mode.

Hey @assertnotnull


Can you try a reset to your network settings on your device and let us know if you notice an improvement? 




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HI @FidoPierre 


I did it but it didn't change anything.

Thank you for the updates. In this case, can you clarify if you've also had the chance to test resetting the device to it's factory settings? 

When you test a different SIM card in the phone, do you see the same complications? 

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I have seen comments of other users in this thread who did reset their phone to factory settings without any improvement so I'm reluctant to do it and then only ending up losing local data and having to reinstall everything.


So far I have seen that I do not have this problem when I was on AT&T network

Also I don't have another SIM card

Hey @assertnotnull


If you already tried resetting your network settings, doing a factory reset would be the next troubleshooting step.  You can do a backup first to make sure you don't lose anything.


Let us know how it goes!  

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Hey @CherryC


Welcome to the Community! 


I'm sad to hear you're experiencing this with your device! It's definitely not what one would expect after a software update.


Anyone in the @community has experienced this?


Have you reached out to LG about this?

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Hi @FidoRanya I have not reached out to LG yet. What is the best way to contact them?

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Having major issues connecting to data on my phone.. I have to put it into airplane mode Then back, for my internet to work for a couple minutes before it cuts out

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This evening my LG G5 H831 became a zombie. I restarted the phone but I can go beyond login screen as when I try to add pin it does automatically fill and gives warning that this and that cannot login screen working like a ghost .. ghostly behavior as a results neither can accept calls nor make one ..Very weird. Please guide what to do.

Hey @Rygy101


Welcome to the community Smiley 


That definitely doesn't sound right. 


Have you tried completing a reset of the network settings? 


If not, here is how to do it: 


  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Settings > System > Reset. If there are multiple tabs to choose from in Settings, tap on the Menu icon (located in the upper-right) and tap List view.
  2. Tap Network settings reset.
  4. Tap Reset SettingsLG.

Let me know if you can see a difference with the data connection!


In regards to your situation @ryadav,  I can understand your concern regarding the phone's behaviour. 


Have you tried performing a hard reset on the phone? 


To do so, you would need to follow these simple steps: 


  • Before resetting your phone, try to turn it off and then on again. ...
  • Press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons until the LG logo appears on the screen.
  • Keeping the Volume down button held down, release the Power button then immediately press and hold it again.

Let me know if that helps! 


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I will do a hard reset as i cannot enter the phone. If i can fine else i would file it for warranty

Hey @ryadav


Did performing a hard reset of your device help?


Let us know!

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I did factory hardware reset but then it doesn't go beyond accessibility page. I am kind of stuck