IPhone 12 Pro pre-ordered more than 2 months back

IPhone 12 Pro pre-ordered more than 2 months back

IPhone 12 Pro pre-ordered more than 2 months back

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IPhone 12 Pro pre-ordered more than 2 months back



I am writing on this forum, hoping that someone from Fido reads it and gives me an appropriate response. First of all I understand what a backorder means, I also understand that Fido is experiencing delays in getting stock. I mention only Fido here because I know my friends from other operators who got the phone before me despite having ordered after me.


I pre-ordered iPhone 12 Pro Pacific Blue 256 GB on October 20, 2020. I got a confirmation mail that my device is reserved and was given a waitlist number of 61. From Oct 20 till Dec 10, that waitlist number has only moved 15 places to 45. 


I have spoken to customer care multiple times and the first few times I was told they don't have any information about my device. Then they asked me to go and check at the local Fido store to know why there is a delay and what is the status of the device. I did that as well, only to be informed that the customer care gave the wrong information that the store has the latest update.


Now in my last 3 conversations with customer care, I have been told that the device will be here by the first week of Jan with one of them saying it will take 5 more weeks. So there is still no consistency in the information being provided.


My concern is only this. I know there are delays. I know there is a shortage in stock and I also know and understand that it will take time. All I am asking for is some honesty and transparency in the information given. If it is going to take 1 more month then tell me that, if it's going to take 2 more months then tell me that. Why am I being asked to go from one place to another just to get a piece of clear information?


Fido is a big enough organization to know, at the highest level, that approximately how much time it will take for the devices to come. Why cant they give the same information either way. I am seriously considering other operators now as honest information is something I am not getting from anywhere.

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I have the same problem. Can someone please help me.

Hey @Tttyy! Philippe here. Welcome to the community. Smiley


You can contact us here for an update on that. You can also request a PM from the community as well for assistance.

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I would like a PM. I've already talked to 2 fido agents and they said there is no way for them to track my phone unless it is already shipped. It will be a month wait for me in 3 days.

I'll send you a PM shortly then. Smiley


Hey @abjiskumar Smiley


I totally understand you're looking forward to receiving your new device and that you wish to know what you can expect in terms of wait time!

Your specific phone model is in very high demand, but we can certainly take a look at your order status to give you an idea of when you will receive it.


I'll send you a PM so we can access your account and discuss this further.

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i believe this phone you ordered is super rare by color and capacity.