How to unlock my device

How to unlock my device

How to unlock my device

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How to unlock my device

Hi, I'd like to unlock phones linked with my account but can't get through the waiting queue on customer support lines.

Can a community specialist help me with this?

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I have a Fido phone that I wish to unlock, can you please help me.


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Don't post your IMEI

Hi @Ednet & welcome to the Community!


If you still need help with this, please send me a PM with your phone number, phone model and IMEI. Thanks. Smiley

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Hey @dxun


Welcome to the Community!


We'll be happy to help with that, a PM is coming your way Smiley 


Talk to you soon!

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If you dont want to wait and skip the Que, walk in to any Fido store to get your unlocking code. there are two condtions to it


1. it must be an android device

2. it must be linked to your fido account


if not, then you have to call FIDO customer service.