How to activate sim card

How to activate sim card

How to activate sim card

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How to activate sim card

I have a new sim card i like to activate how can i do this? 

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If its a new SIM for a new line it would already be activated just put it in your phone and it should work.


If you are updating the SIM on an existing line you can follow the instructions on how to activate your new SIM card here.

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Hi. I just received a new SIM card, for a new line, with a new phone, and it does not work. Attempting phone calls yields results such as "SIM card not registered" or "SIM card not authorized for voice". 


What am I supposed to do? Stores are not currently an option, so I imagine customer service calls are the last option...

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Did you receive this SIM card following an upgrade or is this a new phone number?


If this is following an upgrade, you previous SIM card would be the one that is currently active on your account and if you wish to use the new one instead, you have to update the SIM card numbers on your online profile.