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How do trade-ins work?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have a Galaxy S5. Can I trade it in for an S7 for example? Or at least a discount trade for an s7 or even an S8 when it comes out? I received a text saying that I was eligible to trade for an S6, but I wasn't really interested in that..


Also, how DO I redeem my Fido Dollars? I tried every hyperlink on the website in my account... It seems impossible to redeem... And when do I have to redeem them by? Is it June 6,  2016 or june 6th, 2018? I was told two different answers...



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi @ramone!


To add to what @KAPABLE-K said, you can check out our blog about FidoTRADE here.


Cheers! Smiley

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Thank You Maria.. I really appreciate it!!! You were so very helpful!! I sincerely appreciate it.. Luv ya... Smiley

I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

I did a FidoTrade back in January 2017 and since then 2 billing cycles have passed and still no bill credit for my trade. Is there some way to check the status of my FidoTrade?

@nick67 according to the trade-in details on Fido website the trade-in credit can only be used towards the purchase on a phone or accessories and must be used at the time of purchase in store.


So how come you are waiting for a bill credit? What were you told when you did your trade-in?

I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

If you use FidoTrade and you are an existing customer, you have to wait for a bill credit on one of your next two invoices. I wish they would apply the discount upfront, they do it for NEW customers, but for some reason, EXISTING customers have wait 2-3 months for a bill credit. To be honest Fido, it's annoying. Doesn't make sense why you do it for new customers but not for existing. See the following terms of FidoTrade for clarification:


"Offer subject to change without notice, not available at all locations. Value of trade-in device, if any, determined using a third-party tool provided by Clover Wireless; trade-in value is final and non-negotiable. Offer available to new and existing customers who purchase a new device from Fido and activate on a postpaid monthly plan. For new customers: Credit will be applied in-store to the value of the new device purchased. If new device price is lesser than credit amount, remaining credit must be used on concurrent purchase of accessories and/or another new device for the same account or credit will be lost. For existing customers: Credit will be applied to your account and will appear on one of your two next invoices. In each case, if you return your new device, your original trade-in device will not be returned to you and you will lose the value of the credit. Limit of 1 trade-in device per transaction. Trade-in device must be owned by customer in order to be eligible for the FidoTRADE program. Customer is responsible for deleting/backing up all personal data on the trade-in device, Fido and/or Clover Wireless is not responsible for any loss and recovery of personal data. Subject to the FidoTRADE Terms and Conditions;"

Hey @nick67,



At the time that you upgraded your device, the FidoTRADE credit was to be applied towards your invoice since the phone fee was charged on the bill. 


It's definitely odd that this hasn't happened past your first and second invoice following the upgrade and I'll send you a PM to take a closer look into it Smiley


I just want to bring one small clarification to what was mentioned: As of February 22, all stores charge the device cost during the Hardware Upgrade, meaning that the customers pay for their device cost in store at the time of their Handset Upgrade transaction.


With this new Upgrade Program, the FidoTRADE credit is now applied in store at the time of the Upgrade for existing customers as well. Also, if the device costs less than the credit amount, then it can be used towards an accessory in store.


It seems that the website hasn't been updated yet to reflect this and I'll make sure to send it to the right department to have it changed Smiley

I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

@FidoClaudia, does what you said above regarding the FidoTrade credit being applied immediately to the handset price still hold true in 2018 for existing customers?


I ask because the FidoTrade page currently says “Already a Fido customer? You can still take advantage of FidoTRADE if you buy a new device and renew your agreement.1 Instead of an in-store credit, you’ll get a one-time bill credit two or three bill cycles after you trade in your old phone.” Which means we’re back to the old method for existing customers?


Last year Fido never applied my trade-in credit even after 4 billing cycles which lead Fido having to escalate my FidoTrade and manually apply the credit to my account. Was not a pleasant experience for me so I hope this is simply a mistake on the FidoTrade page. If you read the current Term & Conditions page, it confirms what you said about the new process — “Credit will be applied in store to the price of the new Fido Device purchased.”.


Please clarify how the FidoTrade trade-in credit is applied to the bill of an Existing Customer. Thanks in advance Smiley



Hey @nick67!


Good catch!


I verified and the info we have is that the trade-in credit should be applied on the cost of the device at the store!  Since the info is different on though, I sent a request to have this verified!  


I'll post an update when I have more info! Smiley

I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

Interesting, wonder why its taken over a year and counting to update the FidoTrade page. Anyways, thank you for the info @FidoJulien.

We're looking into it @nick67!


You'll be the first to know when I get an update! Smiley

@nick67that's certainly a drag that existing customers have to wait and then the credit don't get applied and now you have to go asking. I never used the trade-in because the quotes you get are crazy low.

@FidoMaria the first line on my reply I did referred the blog for info on the trade-in Very_Happy

@KAPABLE-K My bad! Someone (me) clearly hasn't had enough coffee. 😛

@FidoMaria That's ok, I figured that was the case Wink


@ramone you can get the info you need regarding the trade in here.


To redeem your Fido dollars you will need to get a Fido rep to assist you with it.

July 6, 2016 was to last day to redeem your Fido dollars if you were not on a contract but if you were on a term plan prior to April 6 2016 then you have until July 6 2018 to redeem it.


Full info here.