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Galaxy S7 Edge hot and battery draining...

I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2



Was just wondering if anyone would know why my S7 Edge has suddenly become very (constantly) hot and the battery is draining at an alarming rate... 88% in 6 hours... and that's while i'm at work and barely using it.  I cannot find any running apps... I believe I have everything closed.  I have rebooted the phone several times to no avail.


I did install the most recent (Samsung) software update earlier this week and as such, am wondering if this is the culprit.


Is there a battery issue of any kind with the S7?


I appreciate the assistance.


Thank you.


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@readytorock Try clearing the cache partition and do you have your GPS enabled?




Appreciate the prompt reply.


GPS is not enabled.


As for clearing the cache partition, I will (now) have to wait until i get home, my battery has dropped to 2%... gonna turn phone off.


Will keep you apprised of the situation.


Thanks very much.



Hey readytorock!


When did this start happening?


Did you try to check your battery usage stats in your phone's settings menu to see what's using the most battery during a normal day?


You can find this info under Settings > Battery > Scroll Down. 


Let us know!



Hey guys...


Okay, I **believe** the problem has been rectified.


This morning at 1:54 AM, Techtimes released a statement that following the latest Samsung update, the Oculus app began to cause the S7 to become very hot and the battery draining within hours.  The apparent solution - uninstall Oculus.


As such, I uninstalled everything Oculus related and with that, the phone is now once again cool and the battery appears to have stopped its rapid drain (will keep an eye on things).


Hopefully this solution can help others.


Have a good one.

Hi @readytorock!


Thanks for sharing! Smiley

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1
Just a little bit of a warning, this isn't official just yet, but there have been complaints that the S7 (assuming that includes the edge) has been getting a little bit warm, and experiencing a battery drainage issue (I think it is being reported by some to be draining 9-10 % faster) after the Nougat update, which will be quite soon it appears (not official) .

Hopefully if this is indeed the case, Samsung will have the problem fixed quickly in an update.

And here is an (unofficial) article related to the issue.

Thanks for sharing @Eatingtime!


If we get any news or updates about this on our end, we'll definitely keep you posted!


I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1
FidoModerator, I am wondering if anyone is keeping the community updated on the recent developments in the Nougat Update world? I am only wondering because I have not been seeing anything here and I am wondering if I would be wasting my time to begin posting again the stuff I do know?

Hey @Eatingtime


We have a team working on staying up to date with the all new OS releases. However, we often need to go through a series of verifications and validate certain things before we can officially announce release dates. 


Once we have more information we try to keep everyone in the loop by posting it in our OS Upgrade ScheduleSmiley 

@readytorock I read about that app causing the problem also, glad it was something simple as uninstalling an app.