Cannot Move Any Apps To SD Card - LG G7 One

Cannot Move Any Apps To SD Card - LG G7 One

Cannot Move Any Apps To SD Card - LG G7 One

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Cannot Move Any Apps To SD Card - LG G7 One

Hello, I have an LG G7 ONE and I would like to move some apps to my SD card - those that are supported by the developers for doing so.


1) followed directions -


No apps have the change option. 


2) Installed AppManager 3 which listed apps that developers have given permission to move  ( for example Facebook ).  None of these apps have the change option in the storage settings.


3) Went into developer mode and enabled "Force Allow Apps On External - Makes any app eligible to be written to external storage, regardless of manifest values."


Still no luck. No apps, including those where developers have provided permissions, can be moved .


4) Contacted LG Support and they assured me that they have no hardware restrictions that should prevent the phone from moving eligible apps to external storage; although, I still have some doubts here.


I have update to Android 9, including latest security update. 


I am not sure what to try next. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 







Hey there @Winnisk,


What troubleshooting steps have you completed when you contacted LG support? As our support is limited in that regard, we would usually refer you to them.


That being said, you've mentioned that you're unable to move your apps to your SD card. Does this issue also apply to newly installed apps too?


Let us know!

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Thank you for your reply. 


Yes .This issue applies to newly installed apps too.


With LG, basically we went through the steps for moving and when I said that there was no option to change he said that must be because the developer has not given permission; however, this is not the case. The apps we tried are listed as being able to move to SD cards. And again, they were apps that I had installed.


When I said that I had gone into developer option and selected "Force  allow apps on external" and still could not move any apps, I was told again that it must be a developer issue.


I was also told that LG does not restrict the ability to do this; therefore, it has to be a developer issue.


My feeling is that if an app like Facebook (which does allow moving to SD) cannot move, it looks to me to be not supported.on this phone. Moreover, since not a single app can be moved even when "Force allow apps on external" is checked, it looks to the LG G7 ONE cannot do this. I don't know why LG would allow the ability to move on the G7 ThinQ, but not on the One. 


Is this, to your knowledge a limitation on Android One phones? 








Hello @Winnisk,


Moving apps to the SD card in not recommended anymore because the SD card is slower than the phones internal memory this causes a lot of problems with apps crashing or lagging, also the phone is constantly writing to the card it eventually fails.


Most manufacturers remove the ability to do so and even a lot of developers are removing it.


On my Galaxy A8 I do not have the option to move apps to the memory card also.

There might still be a way if you are rooted you can give this article a read here.

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Unless you really need the storage space and that's rather unlikely nowadays it's not advisable to store apps on an SD card to begin with. So many easy options to store memory hogs like photos and videos using services like Google Drive.


I'm positive a rooted device would allow you to move your apps but that seems like a lot of work for no good reason. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should  



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Agreed. Between cloud storage and an SD card taking care of music, photos, videos, etc., along with being a little more diligent with app managemet, I should be fine. 


Good to know, however, that should I need to, it can be done. 


Thank you for everyone's input. It was all very helpful. 


Happy Holidays!



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Thanks for the additional information @Winnisk!


That really would be a question for LG and does fall outside our scope, as it's a feature the manufacturer would be responsible for.


@Community, does anyone else have any advice regarding this?