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Brightstar - new device

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

I currently have a Fido-purchased iPhone 8. The serial number and info are on my Fido account and protected with Brightstar Device Protection.


I would like to buy a new iPhone but I am still under contract, so I will be purchasing a device outright. I understand from what I have read, BYOD devices are covered under Brightstar, so what is involved in ensuring my new phone is registered with Fido and Brightstar and covered under the Device Protection Program? In other words...what do I have to do to transfer the device protection from my old iPhone to my new (Apple-store purchased) iPhone.





Hey @mark2000!


Very good question and here's your answer. Smiley


Premium Device Protection applies to the phone number that is tied to your SIM card. That means that if you move your SIM card to another device, that device will be covered instead.


To cover your new device, make sure that airtime has been logged through the device on the Fido network and you're all set. Smiley


You can find more information about the Premium Device Protection here.


Let us know if you have any more questions!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hey @FidoPhilippe

mine is same situation as @mark2000 bought new phone and swithced sim and have premium device protection added to my account, now the problem here is when i go to and try to look up about my plan by putting my phone number and postal code it gives me error stating that we are unable to validate your account with your carrier, please call fido premium device protection on 866-327-3399 to varify your insurance covarage.


called the number they told me we do not have any account under this phone number,ask for some information i provided to them and they informed me thst they are escalating it to corporate you will here from someone in regards, but noboday contacted me.

is that mean that fido is not updating the information with brigthstar or they are just charging us $11.00 a month without informing brithstar..?


please provide some more info how can i know my device is register under protection plan..!




Hey @Maulikk


Welcome to the community Smiley 


We're sending a PM your way so we can look into that together. 


Talk to you there!