New iPhone. Poor network

New iPhone. Poor network

New iPhone. Poor network

I'm a Participant Level 3

New iPhone. Poor network

I recently bought a new iohone with Fido offer of 2 years contract. The network of the phone has become very poor. I am facing call drops and other other issues. 


Kindly let me know what should i do. Was it a mistake to get associated with Fido ?


Please help me!!

I'm a Participant Level 3

1: Everwhere... indoors and outfoors.

2: I guess i do

3: Very poor network with only 1-2 network bars.

Thanks for getting back to us, @Sarab97 !


You had also mentioned having other troubles with the phone, can you elaborate on that?


As for the network, is LTE enabled or disabled at the moment? If it's enabled, can you disable it and let us know if you notice a difference in the strength of the signal bars?


You can also Reset the Network Settings by going to Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings. As a last resource, you could restore the phone completely through iTunes to see if that improves things.


Keep us posted!



Hey @Sarab97


Did you get a chance to test out @FidoClaudia's suggestions? 


Keep us posted! 

I'm a Participant Level 3

Done as per instructions. Doesn't works. I can still only a bar in the network. Sad

Thanks for the update @Sarab97


We'll need to take a closer look at this together. I'll be sending you a PM to get started Smiley

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Hey @Sarab97


Welcome to the Community Smiley .


You made the right decision choosing Fido, we'll sort this out! 


I'll just need you to answer a few questions so we can look into this further:


1.Where do you mostly experience dropped calls? Does it happen everywhere or in specific areas - outdoors/indoors?

2. Do you use Wi-Fi calling to improve the quality of your calls?

3. What are the other issues you are experiencing with your phone? 


Let us know!