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Blackberry 9780 bbm issue

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, when I went to the fido store to ask for bbm on my phone, they told me that it's included in my package and should already have it. It wasnt working, so they told me to call tech support and ask them to "activate" it. In the end, after asking for my phone's iem code/number they had told me that couldn't verify that code, reason being it was a phone purchased from virgin mobile. So my question is, for me to receive my bbm, do I have to buy another bb from fido? Is there no other way?




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jjust because the fido sistem wont allow a non fido imei added to your account does not mean u cant use bbm, i am using a non fido phone and my bbm works fine. go into your bb, go to options, advanced, host routing table and click register now, perhaps the pin was not released correctly from virgin's bis sistem. this needs to be done before the sistem will activate your pin.

Also, if you had a previous Blackberry, you can use desktop manager and switch your previous phone contacts and all to the new phone and your BBM will show up. IN Desktop manager, there is an option to switch my device and it moves everything that is compatible to the new Blackberry.