Accessing Fido Webmail on iPhone6 using Safari

Accessing Fido Webmail on iPhone6 using Safari

Accessing Fido Webmail on iPhone6 using Safari

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Accessing Fido Webmail on iPhone6 using Safari

I'm unable to access my Fido webmail account using Safari on iPhone 6. The account can be accessed but when I try to retrieve mail ireceive the comment "The requested URL/............. was not found on this server". Can anyone help? I can access webmail on my iMac using the same procedure. Thanks

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Hi Fido, Isn’t working for me. The page just won’t load. All my email is stored in my account there. Has the address changed?


thank you.  

Hi @mark2000


The webmail service has been discontinued since some time now. When was the last time you used it?


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@FidoFaiza Usually 1-2x a year to clean up emails. The server must still be running because I receive several email to text messages daily and that’s where they were routed through. Do you have a legacy server address you could PM me privately so I can clear out my old email? I was given no notice that this was being shut down for customers. Not to mention, what happens to all the data I have there? I have two email addresses going to that server!

Hi @mark2000


Thanks for providing us with the details. I will send you a PM in just a bit to gather some more info from you. 


Keep an eye out! 

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Fido can you also help me as well. I could have sworn I accessed the webmail in the last few months but yes similar to Mark I am still getting the text messages every time an email comes in. I have any usernames/passwords associated with my email and now that it is gone I am going to have many problems. Would you be able to provide me with a way to download or migrate the data? Thanks.

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I also never figured out how to access webmail. All my mail is still going there...I definitely do NOT want to stop the text messages, as they serve as my notification as to when I get new mail. I just wanna know if there’s a a legacy URL you can PM to old users of webmail so we can still access the site, and at least clean out or delete old mail. 

I understand if new users shouldn’t be allowed to access the site, but old users should have grandfathered access until the site is completely decommissioned...we were given no’s not fair.


i heard its the same server employees or stores use. Can’t we just log in using our own Fido IDs?

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Any resolution to this? I need to access a message in my spam folder

Hello @Anber,


When was the last time you accessed it? The Fido webmail has been discontinued for a while now.

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i still also received my mail by text message... so, it seems that the email server still running.... 

just want the pop3 information... 

Hey there!


Our e-mail to text feature is still ongoing.To clarify, this allows e-mails to be sent to a customer's phone using any e-mail program/service.


Please note however that the feature is fully available when you register to the service. This is an add-on that can be added, and you can contact us at these channels to add it to your line.


Here's a quick overview of the service:

  • A notification is received on the customer’s phone when an e-mail is sent to "phonenumber"
    • The notification is also sent two more times if no response is received
    • Customer must reply “NO” to the notification text to stop receiving it
  • The first 160 characters of all e-mails are free
    • Customer needs to register to the service to see the whole e-mail

The feature is a $5 monthly add-on that will enable you to:

  • Customize e-mail address
  • You can forward or copy e-mail
  • Capacity of over 160 characters
  • You can block a sending address or domain
  • Messages can be pending up to 72 hours while system tries to deliver
  • E-mail messages are valid for 24 hours
  • If not answered to after 24 hours, the e-mail is no longer available

Hope this helps Smiley

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No i don't want to stop the texts / emails. I would like to continue using /accessing my fido web mail if possible. If it is not possible, some way for me to download my emails, so that i can migrate accounts that i used that email address. Thanks

Hey WizardOne, 


Do you remember as to when exactly you last accessed it?


We'll send you a PM shortly to look into this with you. Keep an eye out.