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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I opened my Fido account just several days,I'm sure the staff there DID NOT tell me the entire details about the fee,so I have to pay a setup fee for $60,while my friends and classmates who get a new account in Fido don't need to charge at all,I sent email to the store but no one answer me then I talk to the live chat TWICE ,guess what,nobody even care my problem ,this is really good,I'm really disappointed with Fido,I don't expect a refund anymore.


Hi @Liu00 , sorry that you had unexpected charges. Did you set up your account with an agent or in a store? The only time the set up fee is not applied is if you set up your account online at without the use of a human agent. The fee may be the result of you requiring assistance from customer service.