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unable to purchase data day pass

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

hi, i am unable to purchase a data day pass. when i text data the page does not show up. and when i turn off wifi and use a chargeable website it does not come up either 


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Maybellengo,


  Welcome to the community!


  What type of plan do you have: pre-paid or post-paid? Does your plan already include some data? Unfortunately, I don't think Fido offers a Data Passes anymore (see here).


  If you you have a post-paid plan which doesn't already include some data, you'll need to switch to a plan which includes data. On the other hand, if you have a pre-paid plan which doesn't already include some data, there are monthly data add-on options (see here).


  If you would like to discuss your options with customer service, you would need to contact customer service. Alternatively, you might consider sending @FidoSolutions a PM. Once they verify some information, they'll also be able to access your account.


Hope this helps 😀