keep receiving calls and marked as outside call and billed for it

keep receiving calls and marked as outside call and billed for it

keep receiving calls and marked as outside call and billed for it

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keep receiving calls and marked as outside call and billed for it

i keep getting phone calls from numbers with canadian area code, as i answer them no one taks and then is registered as an outside call from my cel phone. I have talked to fido about this problem BUT  because the system registers these calls as OUTSIDE dialed call , fido wont credit my account. Please be aware of these scam calls. and I just got one more call as i write this note.  the call shows (604) Vancouver BC area , but when i looked on the calls log is a +60 4 Malasia number :pouting_face:

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 The number that called me today displayed as +60 4 832 6235.

Noticed the space between area code numbers...60 4, and there is also no dash after the 832, when all other numbers generally have one. (example...832 6235 / 832-6235.) Recently, I get calls from 832 numbers, which believe are Fido numbers but are being used to mask the original caller. They are always the same, CRA is coming to arrest me unless I press 1 to speak with someone immediately.

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Unfortunately, we've been getting this type of calls quite often lately!


You can find tips and tricks to protect yourself from spam calls here.


Let us know if we can do anything to help.

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I will be sending you a PM in order to take a look at this with you!

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  As far as I'm aware, there aren't any technologies which can alter an incoming call to an outgoing call.


  What you've shown is definitely strange. Have you recently downloaded any new apps or attachments? Have you verified that your phone does not have some sort of virus or malware installed? While that list of long-distance calls to Lynbrook, NY do not seem related to the call from/to Malaysia, they could both be the result of a virus or malware. That call list does seem like virus or malware behaviour. You might consider running an anti-virus and anti-malware app to see if anything is found.


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i haven't downloaded any app lately and the NY calls has been happening from the beginning of this year and no I don't think is related to the Malasya's call , but what i can guarantee for sure is that after i answered the Malasya's called it showed as I made the call to them, because i was on the phone with fido complaining about the NY calls and minutes later i got the call from Malasya hahaha looks like some one is after me and my phone. and the reason i answered was because displayed 604 area code , but then you can see it shows +60 4 and shows outgoing call ,


 AND same thing with this call from London England, I picked up because when my phone rings show canadian area codes, but then stayed as outgoing call from my phone. is frustrating because i don't feel like answering  my phone anymore, even if i am the receiver some gow I end up been charged for these calls I NEVER dialed. I'm also sure nobody else uses my phone because i have face a PIN code I don't share with nobody. and regarding the malware or virus i will run Norton 360 just to discard that option.  thank you for your replies 

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I see we're already discussing this situation in PM, so we'll continue there.

Make sure to reply to our last message so we can look further into it for you. Smiley

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the same day when I reported this phone calls scam, minutes later I got another call showing area code 604 but after i answered and hang up , the call was registered as an OUTSIDE CALL made . it is frustrating because I won't be able to answer calls from potential customers. And I don't think changing my phone number will solve this problem

Hello Hamanzano,


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  What do you mean by Outside Call? Are you referring to a call from an International location? In your original post, you noted:


@hamanzano wrote:   because the system registers these calls as OUTSIDE dialed call , fido wont credit my account....

  Are you returning the calls? You should note that there are no long distance (LD) charges on incoming calls from any destination (domestic or international) -- provided you are within your incoming local calling area (LCA). So merely answering the calls should not charged any differently from any other calls.


   Your incoming LCA is based on the geographical location that is associated with your number. It has nothing to do with your own physical location at the time you receive a call. On the other hand, your outgoing LCA is determined entirely by your physical location at the time of a call, and has no ties to any specific geographical location, other than the one in which you're standing.


  All incoming and outgoing calls are considered airtime. Receiving calls while outside of your incoming LCA is considered LD. Making calls while roaming can either be local or LD, depending on whether the call destinations are within or outside of your outgoing LCA.


  Since most newer plans include Canada-wide calling, the LCAs would not be relevant for those plans. However, there might be some older plans as well as some of the prepaid plans which only include local calling. Does your plan include Canada-wide calling?


  I think everyone is rather fed up about getting SPAM and SCAM calls from spoofed numbers. Unfortunately, there currently isn't much that any of the mobile providers can do to prevent them. Since the spammers/scammers use spoofed numbers, it is not possible to identify the true spammers' number. The mobile providers have implemented measures to try to reduce the amount of calls from spoofed numbers, though the current measures have limited usefulness if the phone numbers are properly formed (see here).


Hope this helps 😀




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hi . when i answered the incoming call and after i end this call, i check the all calls log and the call that is incoming shows as an out-going call in other words seams like i dialed this long distance call, but i never did call them back , but still i have thi little icon with the arrow pointing out 


 please look closely to the first call. you will see the arrow pointing out. that supposed to be when i make the call but i never did or calles them back, and still some how they managed to make look like i calles them

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i also get this crazy one minute call i also never did and i keep getting charged for it, 


 and this has been repeting every other month bill , is so frustrating that fido can not controll this kind of scam and i get billed for them

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and that (604) is actually a +60. 4 398 828 , which is a number from Malasya