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How to get your old Community profile back

Hey Community, Did you switch from using your phone number or Group ID to log in to to using an e-mail address? If so, you were probably asked to re-register to the Community, too. We figure that you may not be too happy about losing your old...


Resolved! Phone change on a BYOP plan

Hi, I'm on a BYOP plan and I intend to change my current phone to a different unlocked phone. Do I need to tell Fido about this or can I simply transfer my SIM card from my existing phone to the new one? It looks like they both take a nano-SIM so I d...

CloudWalker by I'm a Participant Level 2
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Fido Customer service - (NON) response time!!

Need to vent out, before blowing off! Spent almost 2 hours on chat with Fido CR yesterday - got a resolution in writing that a technician will be sent out , got an escalation # and the promise that i'll get a text with a date/time when technician wil...

dusorin by I'm a Participant Level 3
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Fido Roam for repaid Pulse plan

Hi, I have a Prepaid Pulse plan which includes unlimited talk, unlimited text, 1gb data ($60 per month). If I travel out of Canada, can I top up my account with $50 beforehand and use Fido Roam for 3 days max at $15 per day? Thanks!

Cancel a second line?

Hi, I am abroad now and won't be back to Canada in a year. So I need to cancel my second line. Can you please help me cancel it? thank you very much!

altairtim by I'm a Participant Level 3
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