Worst service from fido and bright star insurance

Worst service from fido and bright star insurance

Worst service from fido and bright star insurance

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Worst service from fido and bright star insurance

So, I lost my phone on 7 march, i went to fido store informed them and they told me to call insurnace company( as i had device protection) and fido store guy gave me new SIM.

When i called insurance company they said i dont have device protection on my device, although i have been paying for device protection every month. When i called fido they said it is a miscumminication between fido and brightstar. Fido has been telling me that our supervisior will call you as soon as possible from last one week. i have been calling fido everyday and get nothing.

I am fido customer from more than 5 years, this is worst service i have ever got. 

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So i lose phone go to Fido get new sim to put in an old phone to call brightstar they say they cant replace phone they can only insure phone sim is in..that Number i guess,, so they only insure the piece of plastic,,(sim)..lol

Hello Laurabaconhw,


  As explained in your other thread here, the Protected device is the eligible device which is actively registered on the Fido network and for which airtime has been logged after enrollment. **edit** So your old phone would have been covered.**


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you are not the only one that has problems with the brightstar. that is why is better save your monthy insurance and deductible $200ish into an high interest savings account ($10-$15 / month = $120 - $330 / year plus deductible of @$200ish = $330ish -$530ish = almost an new phone mid-range price or $240 - $660 plus ductible of @$200ish = $440ish - $860ish = almost new phone flagship range

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Wow I have 3 fido lines. I have been a fido customer for past 10 years. Recently i purchased a phone, fido insisted I get device protection instead of Apple Care so I did. When my phone fell and broke. I made a claim online with Brighstar. They asked me to send a bunch of documents, Upon receiving my documents. They rejected the apple receipt I provided. I evem forwarded my Credit card receipt to validate the purchase. When i called Brightgstar, They said the reason they rejected my invoice because it doesnt have an IMEI#. I advised them that this is the receipt apple provided as my order was placed online. This is the same receipt which is provided on my Apple's ID. It has my Serial number. The guy simply told me he doesnt care what the receipt says, they need a receipt with a IMEI number. 

After hanging up, I called Apple. They confirmed that they dont issue receipts with IMEI number due to security. 


I see, what going on.The insuarance company knows that Apple doesnt issue receipts with IMEI #. Best way to decline a claim, just don't let a cosumer submit one!


Fido, I am your customer and this is the service I recieve for being your loyal customer for over 10 years?

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We'll sort this out.


To clarify, did you get the phone through us or through Apple directly? Also, if you got it through Apple, was it on an agreement with Fido? If you got it at the Apple store on an agreement with Fido you should have the IMEI number on the agreement. Did you try submitting that ? 


Let us know!

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The phone was purchase outright from Apple web store. I paid a bit over $1900 for this XS max last September.

There is no service agreement and shouldn’t be since Fido never have the phone to me. I was told by Fido rep to just simply put the SIM card in there and Fido network automatically detects the IMEI number. 


I spoke with Apple earlier today. Austin at client relations advised that they don’t issue IMEI numbers on invoices for security reasons. They said the serial numbers, your credit card statement and the invoice they sent should be good enough. He said he has never heard of such a thing. An insurance company asking us to manufacture an invoice with IMEI numbers. 

The information Austin from Apple provided was confirmed by two of his peers whom I spoke with prior to being transferred to him.

Thanks for clarifying @SteveJobs


I'll send you a PM to help with this Smiley .

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the rogers / fido company should have records that you have been purchasing insurance and should cover your new phone. good luck

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Oh my! I thought I was the only one having a terrible experience with Brighstar.


So I pay $11 per month for the insurance. I dropped my phone and accidentally broke the lens. I called them to file a service request and the agent "accidentally" dropped the phone on me and never called back.


When i called again weeks after (i was busy) they said they cannot process my request because it has lapsed the reporting period. When I asked why they didn't call me back  before they said they tried once and they got a busy tone. Seriously?? What a lame excuse. Anyway, i think this is one of the biggest scams in Canada. 


Fido, fix this. I can't remove the protection plan because i want to make use of the insurance I paid for the last months. I have rights, i paid for it!



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When something happens to your phone and you have the device protection service, you have 60 days from the date of the incident to file a claim.  This is mentioned in the terms of the device protection program.  We send you these terms by email when you subscribe to the service and they're also available here.


I hope it clarifies!

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Yes, I did contact them in time but they "accidentally" dropped the phone on me, never called me back. They "allegedly" called me back ONCE they say but said it failed because the phone line was busy. I did it online too, I got rejected, they say they will email the reason. I waited for a week, did I get an email? Nope.


I am not contesting the 60-day lapse period. I am saying they offer POOR service that I felt like it is a scam. You guys hired them, so I'm posting it here.


Anyway, thanks for your reply.

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Hey @redvancity


I'm sorry to see you had this kind of experience. It's not the kind of thing we want for any of our customers. 


Was there any explanation at all provided on the web page itself as to why the claim was declined when you tried it online? 



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I feel sorry for myself as well to be honest.


Anyway, there was no explanation on the page why it was rejected and they said they will send an email to explain. I waited a week just because I know there might be a lot of clients waiting for their replies too and they will not stop the world for me.


After a painful week, I decided to call them to get the reason. Do you know the feeling where you go to a restaurant and it feels like the chef doesn't want to cook your order? And when you follow up 20minutes later the chef will say, "oh I tried asking you once but you were busy, you have to change your order now because the ingredients are now out of stock." - I don't know that feeling but I'd imagine it would be the same talking to Fido Protection Plan insurance when you are trying to claim.

I can definitely understand how this can be upsetting from you.


We give the option to place claims online or by phone. While a dropped call is not something we want you to experience, this can happen sometimes. If you choose to wait before reaching out again, we might not be able to provide you with a repair or replacement option. 


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If you have been paying for insurance and you have documentation from Fido or the insurance company that you have been insured and it is valid then there is nothing to worry about. It is just a matter of time for the insurance to work its way through the system and your claim can be processed.


What I would do right now is to gather all your paperwork related to activation of insurance, and documents that provides proof that you have been making payments (bank statements, credit card statements,...etc). You might be asked to provide such proofs.


Furthermore, insurance takes time to process so be patient. Unfortunely there is no way to accelerate the process (Remember, you are not the only customer the insurance company has to deal with).


Lastly, if you talked to other insurance companies lately you will know that they treat you and other customers the same regardless of how long you have been with them. Fido, like any other service based companies, do not prioritize your case jsut because you have been with them for > 5 years. You want bad service? Try making an at fault car accident claim or make a claim when the other party pulls a fast one over you.

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Hey @babita,


Let me look into this, you'll receive a PM in a moment. 


For any questions specifically related to your account, don't hesitate to reach out directly on Facebook or Twitter