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Worst Customer Retention

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Went to the FIDO kiosk to see what they could do in terms of upgrading my phone (been with Fido for many years) they said "hey you look like you have a retention account, it might benefit you to call the support line and see if they can give you a better deal because you're a loyal customer"... I appreciated the tip so I did just that.


Turns out, not only could they not do any better than the guy at the kiosk, but then tried to "match the competitor" by dropping the phone to what Freedom was offering, and then upping my monthly fee by $12 so that I end up paying an extra $400 in the end. 


I called back to say that it was really disheartening to see that clearly the woman thought I was an **bleep** and not able to do basic math... ofcourse nobody cared and didn't help at all. In conclusion, just FYI to everyone out there THINKING about signing with Fido. Yeah maybe it'll save you $10 in the beginning but don't for a second think they appreciate your business or will help you out 5 years later. 




I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi @franlu4  I'm sorry you feel that way in all due respect here's my 2 cents.


There are many variations I don't know of. Did you had still an amount due towards your previous phone or were you looking to get a new phone or BYOP on plan fido? I understand why the kiosk .. of ... would refer you back to Fido retention based on that you were able to negotiate because your plan or previous phone was with Fido and also best deals are online 0$ phone no activation fee for a plan equivalent to value of phone for 2yr plan.


I'm in Ottawa myself

Freedom network is nothing comparable to Fido. As soon as your out of central cityhood you will get no service on Freedom. Hence you can't compare the networks.  


you mentioned Fido agreed to provide the phone at same price as competitor seems this is a bonus you received.

The total price comes up to an agreement of $400. more that is based in the network plan cost and /or received a bonus credit on the phone but the value of the phone attached to your agreement may still be at original amount.  Though you haven't consider the fact the you can upgrade sooner and Fido in say 22 months from now may wave part of cost again if you opt for a new phone. 


It seems all fair your kiosk advise to go retention or online to have you save money. (This might be different if you pay phone up front)

The rep of Fido gave you a bonus off phone cost.

The network of Fido is better your plan may end up costing you $14 more now per month but you have a new phone now on a good network with more bonus monthly and med long term. 

I'm with Fido 24 years and I have same deals as you.