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Waste your life on line or over the phone with FIDO!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Be prepared to chat with an agent for hours, then be logged off when you ask for a manager, or decide to cancel. This happend to me three times over a three hour period. Wasted my life. The next day, I phoned, should be better, right? NO. Wasted two hours waiting for a manager to review what was already reviewed by the agent, then they said that a "supervisor" would have to maybe listen to the phone call I made. This is what I was asking for all the time. I know what I was promised, to match my other lines. (Well, about a month ago when I called to add a another line, they promised to match my other lines, even though the promo had ended. Yes, yes, I am aloyal customer, of course they will match the other lines I added two weeks prior. NOT SO!) I cant understand how a company can lie to you over the phone, say they recorded it, yet it will take you longer than your university degree to get it resolved! Its $5 a month, and I have already spent 8 hours dealing with no result. DON'T sign up with Fido and expect anything to be true, they dont tell you all the little details, and you will find yourself paying more, and just doing it because they don't even post their phone number on "your account" page, you have to search for it on google. Ask Jack is a joke, and you will get kicked off becasue agents have very limited power, and do not want to transfer you to a manager, becuase they dont look good not solving your problem. There are plenty of other providers that have better prices. In the end, its albout service, and I will, after today's "pushing me around in circles" be shopping around to cancel all four of my families phone lines, and then also my home internet. WHY? because i have to argue for a correction that I was promised and is only $5/month.  


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @wwwfidocustomer!


Sorry to hear about your latest experience. We can assure you that this is not the kind of service we'd want to offer our customers.


Just to confirm, have you received a call back from the supervisor as promised by the last agent? If so, was it resolved?


Let us know!