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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there!

          My name is Alejandro. Me and my family was dealing with chatr years and years ago until I see this cell phones booth at kingsway.  “ WOWW MOBILE “ or something.   They offered us a very good deal for me and my wife .
First , he said we just have to continue our own numbers, we have phones but he offered us some phones for only $5.00 additional monthly.  Same gig of data and same amount of money that we’re paying monthly.
We used to pay :  myself $40. My wife $50.  And my son $50.   
But he offered:
* I will only pay $35 ,  my son 35 + my wife $40.
* First month free for 3 of us.
* free activation fee or service fee free for 3 of us.   
* another month for friend or relative referral,  which we told him our son.  So that supposed to be another month of no payment for 3 of us. 
But so far ,  we didn’t get any of these yet,  but  our bill every month is getting higher and higher.    And he said there’s no hidden fees ,   But when we see our bill every month it’s getting higher and higher.   
So I called the guy who helped us ,  but guess what,  he’s hiding now.   Just like every other companies,  all they know is keep on  fooling people everywhere. Then, finally there’s another person who answer the phone and I explained what happened because she was there when we were dealing with this person.  And she said don’t worry,   Just pay your bill for now until 3 months and you will see the adjustments after and they will give your credit.
I want to make sure that it’s true.   
Looking forward to get a solution on this deal that I’m dealing right now.
Hope someone will help me.
Thank you,
Alejandro Pulongbarit 

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Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Cpulongbarit,


  Welcome to the community!


  In addition to what has already been mentioned regarding the friend referral, it should also be noted that you can't refer someone at the same time when you joined. In order to be eligible to refer a friend, your account must be in good standing for 30 days (see Refer a Friend link below). From what you note, it sounds like you activated all three lines at the same time. Unfortunately, if that is the case, your line would not have been eligible for that promotion.


Hope this helps 😀





Hello @Cpulongbarit,


Welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear about the confusion regarding the credits and if the agent did not explain it to you properly you should note that WOW Mobile is a third-party reseller and the offers they have can vary from what Fido offers.


First, you should save/print your invoice details and you will see exactly what you are being billed for, please see here on how to save/print your invoice details.


The only way to avoid the setup fee is to do the activation/upgrade yourself on with that being said a lot of times stores and third-party resellers have promotions where the setup fee is waived but how it works is you will be billed for it on your first invoice but it will be credited back on your second/third invoice.


In regards to the first month of free service, they offered you I'm not sure about the details for that promotion as it's a third-party promotion so the agent at the store should tell you when that credit is actually applied and how exactly it works.


In regards to the referral, a friend program you will and the person you are referring will each get one-month free service so if you refer your son and he has his own account then he will get one month free and your line will get one month free, not you and your wife. If all three lines are on the same account then the referral will not work the referral is only for some that are getting their own account. The person you are referring will need to take a few added steps to complete the referral process when they activate a Fido account you can learn more about the refer a friend program here.


Providing that agent coded the account correctly when activating you should be seeing your credits applied to your account of the third invoice, you should keep the paperwork that would have been given to you in case the credits is not applied on your third invoice.