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Scam/phishing website IPhone

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I was just looking at Google then I must have accidentally took me to a website. It says the connection is unsecure and the website states that I've won a giveaway. I thought it was fake so I didn't press anything on the website, but I did tap the page to see the full website ( since there were a pop up blocking it). Any suggestions? Would they get my personal info this way or do I have to download something to let them get my info. I don't see anything downloading so where can I check?



Hello @5k3m,


You don't necessarily need to download something to fall, victim to a phishing attack, I know those sites you are referring to because I ended up on them a few times I would not be too overly concerned about the visit you had but that does not mean you should not be vigilant.