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Cannot link home internet to prepaid account

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I just started Fido home internet and wanted to set up/register this account. I already have Fido prepaid with the same email id. I am not able to register home internet as I have used the same email id as for my prepaid account. Seems like there is no way around but to speak with a customer care person. I don;t want to call cutomer care, last time I spent 3 hours waiting ..:( Any solution? I have tried registering all three different ways but because its the same email ID I am not able to add home internet. Please help!


Hi @exhausted , sorry you're having difficulty linking your internet with mobile accounts. You do have to contact customer service representative to have that fixed, but a more convenient way for you would possibly be reaching out to @fidosolutions on Twitter and have them look at it. That way you're not going to be waiting on the phone. That's my go to for support. Take care