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Very High phone bill for daytime minutes

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi Customer Service,


I'm writing this as a desperate move. I recently joined an internship program. As in the current working environment my work was remote so all of my overage minutes were from my colleagues who called me assuming I had unlimited minutes like them. Since I've been a customer at Fido, I've never exceeded my bill plan and I've always paid my bills on time. So I didn't realize that I had exceeded my minutes. This is the first time due to the remote working conditions that I exceeded my bills. I have some medical procedures planned for the year, and since I'm a recent grad I can really not afford this high a bill ($1,400). I'm willing to pay off my phone and change my plan to unlimited if it means that you can do something about this. When I spoke to your customer service rep, I was told that since the charges were on valid minutes there was nothing he could do other than payment in installments. While I understand this, I'm not in a position to pay off this high a bill, even in installments. I'm hoping that your team could work in reducing this bill to an affordable amount. Thanks in advance.


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello JenL29,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you've received that unexpectedly high bill amount. I understand your situation. Unfortunately, if the calls are on the system with your current plan, there isn't anything customer service would be able to do to off-set those charges. Changing to a new plan now with unlimited calling would not alter your call allotment that bill. Those calls would still be considered overage usage.


  I understand this is a difficult time and receiving such a bill is even more distressing. If you're unable to make full payment on the bill, you would need to consider arranging a payment schedule. To make an arrangement, you'll need to contact the credit operations team.


  You might also consider other resources: Coronovirus Financial Help, Managing Financial Health in Challenging Times, etc.


Hope this helps 😀