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how much is the toll free charge for philippine num

I'm back
I'm back

hi i just be sure that the agent provided are free of charegd numbers.toll free #s. 18003545449, # 01180027489100, 0263288910000


please confirm, if not how much is per minute call


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Hello Polkristofer,


  Welcome to the community!


  To clarify, are you currently in the Philippines looking to call a Canadian toll-free number or are you trying to call a Philippine toll-free phone number from Canada?


  There are some important things to note regarding toll-free phone numbers. While North American toll-free numbers can generally be called free of long-distance (LD) charges from Canada or the US, it depends on the designated area as determined by the business owning the phone number. In addition to restricting those numbers to either Canada or US, some businesses may also place additional limits on their free usage (ie only from certain states or provinces etc)(see here). It would be a similar situation with toll-free phone numbers from other Countries. It all depends from where they wish to accept the long-distance charges. Many toll-free phone numbers are not free from long-distance charges when called from a different Country.


   Since the designated call area is determined by the businesses, it's not possible to know the availability of a particular toll-free number in specific regions just by the phone number itself. That said, I think it would be safe to assume that calling a toll-free phone number located in a different Country would incur long-distance charges. These are the rates for calling the Philippines:



taken from here, under Long-Distance.


  Similarly, if you are in the Philippines and calling a Canadian toll-free phone number, the calls will likely be considered long-distance. If you are calling using a local phone, the LD rate would be outlined by your local phone provider. On the other hand, if you are using your Fido phone, the call would be considered roaming and would incur a Fido Roam charge.


  In case you are not aware, when calling a phone number in another Country, you would need to dial your locations Country exit code prior to the phone number (see here). Alternatively, you could use the plus symbol (+) to replace the exit code.


Hope this helps 😀