Using Phone in HK

Using Phone in HK

Using Phone in HK

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Using Phone in HK

I don't have a Pulse Plan. Use my own Phone and am on no Contract. Am a long time Customer. How do I use my phone in HK while retaining same number?



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Hello PQ,


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  If you do not have a Pulse plan, you would have to purchase a Travel pack or use services on a pay-per-use basis.


  You should also consider verifying whether your phone is compatible with the local networks. Hong Kong uses different bands/frequencies than North America. You can see the bands/frequencies used by the different countries by selecting from the drop-down menu here (bottom of page). You can also verify the countries bands/frequencies here.


  In addition, you might consider verifying that your destinations had good coverage? Mobile phones roam on the existing infrastructure at the destination. Fido's service cannot extend beyond what is available locally. It's the customers' responsibility to check whether their phones would work at their destination. Open Signal can give you an idea of the coverage at your destinations.


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Hi @PQ!


Just to make sure that I understood correctly, you'd like to use your phone while roaming in HK? Do you have a prepaid account or a postpaid account?


Let me know. Smiley