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Update/change SIM (Prepaid)

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Good Morning,


As I can only find posts up to January 2021, am re-posting in the hopes of obtaining the latest information. Is it still the case that Fido Prepaid clients who lose their phone, need to go in-store to activate a new SIM card? If we have an (unused) SIM at home, this is still not possible to complete online, by phone or via the forums?


Just curious: whay if we do not reside anywhere near a Fido store? What options then? 


What if the account holder is elderly, so cannot make their way to an outlet (and the phone is for urgencies in and around the home)?


(Also, why is the information no where to be found on Seems unimaginable that this would not be published somewhere on the site - Not even after logging in to one's account!)? How can the company be so unsupportive in this matter?


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Senior MVP

Hello MCB_52,


  Sorry to hear you've lost your phone. Unfortunately, even if you had post-paid services, you wouldn't be able to update the SIM card information online. For security purposes, you would need to enter the old SIM card number as well as the new SIM card information. However, since you have lost your phone, you would not have access to the old SIM card information. That said, I don't think it's possible to update SIM card information online for pre-paid accounts.


  I understand the requirement for visiting a Fido store (with identification) might seem unnecessary. However, it would be for the customers' security. With pre-paid accounts, there is relatively little information available to verify a customer is who they say they are. Many accounts wouldn't even have an address on file to verify. Without precautions, it would be rather easy for nefarious actors to make unverified claims to gain access to other customers' accounts. Worse yet, since so many things now require SMS verification, those actors could also gain access to many other accounts. 


  I also understand your situation. Your best option would be to contact customer service to see if there are any exceptions which can be made given your circumstances.


Hope this helps 😀