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Unexpected large bill

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi Guys,


I received my FIdo bill yesterday and to my disbelief I was charged a bill of $768, upon enquiring further, I was told by the customer care that, it  was because I had overused my long distance calling minutes.


But I didn't get any notification stating that I was about to finish my usage and because of the Covid-19 situation in India, I was on constant call with my family members assessing their health back home.


I urge all of you to please help me in this regard as my biweekly earning is nearly same as that of the monthly bill that's charged to me and I can't really afford to pay this large amount.


Any help is welcome and I will really appreciate it. Is there anyway someone can please help me to reduce the overage charges that have been applied to me.




Nilam C



Hello @Ghhvjjkkkll,


Getting a higher than expected bill can be overwhelming.


Fido never sends out notifications regarding the free 1000 minutes they only send out notifications for data and this is a courtesy it is always the customer's responsibility to ensure we stay within our limits if we do not want to incur extra charges.


If you can not make the payments in full you can reach out to the Credit Operations team and set up a payment schedule, you can get more information regarding that here.