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Unauthorizes and Fraud Charges

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Swithched to Fido a year ago, and just received a bills and in one of my data sim they charged me $195/- for 3rd party purchases. I contact customer service on phone and she said the third party purchses from that device and I asked following questions:


- Data Sim means to use data only and its not a bank account or credit card. When ever in any gaming site they always ask for credit card for in-game purchase and never ask for data sim.

- Fido gave me charges, so Fido will do all investigations as I did not do any purchases on the data sim. Fido has to take back all fraud charges.

- On top of that, I need complete in written the detail of all purchses like IP address, device number, from which account / email address made this.


But she had no answer because it is totally fraud. I again called back to Fido customer service and talked to a man and he said can we go detailed investigations, I told him why not because we never did third party purchases and need to settle that amount because its big amount.


After searching the details on website, got that I am not the only victim of Fido. Lots of other peope around. Fido is responsible for that fraudulant charges and returned to their customers.


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Jamshaid,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you've received unexpected charges on your bill. However, I don't think many people understand what Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is and how it works. Direct Carrier Billing is a type of mobile payment method that lets consumers make purchases and add the charges these transactions incur to their mobile phone bills. In this case, Bango is DCB provider who has a billing relationship with Fido (or other mobile provider).


  It's important to note that neither Bango nor Fido are actually the source of the charges. It's similar to PayPal having a billing relationship with a bank account. Making a purchase from, say Walmart, via PayPal would result in the monies debited from your bank account. If there were fraudulent purchases, your bank wouldn't be able to investigate because the transaction would have been through PayPal. Your bank wouldn't be able to contact PayPal on your behalf either. You would need to contact PayPal to sort out. Similarly, Fido (or other mobile provider) would not be able to investigate any charges. They only know that some purchase was made via DCB. That's why people are told to reach out to Bango.


  I understand that many people might not have been aware of the relationship with Bango. However, if third-party billing is enabled, Bango would be the provider. As suggested by some other community members, here and here, it is possible to disable DCB.


Hope this helps 😀



I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Hi Cawtau,

We have been hearing the same point that Bango is responsible for this charge, but what did Fido do?

How about some stats? how many Bango actual legitimate transactions go through and how many are fraudulent,

At least Fido can disable this payment to Bango by default, and if a customer wants to enable it, the customer calls and Fido enables this feature for that customer,

What happens now, every victim spends long calls with Fido and Bange, and all that Fido can do, they offer to block this for the future, why not block this by default and open it by request rather than the opposite.

I totally disagree that Fido is not responsible, and I will quote your words for that, as you mentioned, Bango is the third-party billing company for many cell phone companies, I wonder why there are no other complaints online about fraudulent charges with other providers? Maybe because they did something proactive to protect their customers, maybe because they care about their customers and their customer care.



Hello @Jamshaid and @A_Abraham


I'm sending you both a PM to look into this. Talk soon. 



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Sorry to say that Fido is out from picture, Fido sent me bill so it's Fido responsibility to investigate and send me complete detail . By the way it was not Bango, some other name. Also, we don't have any account on that sites, so let me explain how can I contacted them without any proof or account with them. It is purely Fido responsibility to sort it out, why I contact them without any account or purchases. Absolutely non-cooperative response.