Unable to receive verification texts

Unable to receive verification texts

Unable to receive verification texts

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Unable to receive verification texts

I've been unable to receive 6 digit security code texts from PayPal for the last few days. My phone number is correct in their system and they have advised me that the texts are successfully being sent from their end but I am receiving nothing. I called Fido technical support as per their suggestion that Fido was blocking PayPal texts but the Fido rep said they are not and she did not know what else it could be besides "maybe there is a law where PayPal texts are blocked for all of Canada" which isnt the case. She also got me to add the PayPal verification code phone number as a contact and check I don't have them blocked on my device and neither of those helped. I've received the security code texts in the past, and among those texts it says to text "BAL" to find out your balance through text, and when I send the message I get nothing back. It appears to be sending from my end but it's not being received. I've tried resetting my phone and I've tried switching off wifi and neither of these have worked.

PayPal refuse to assist me unless I give them the security code that I'm only able to get through text message. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can receive the texts? The PayPal number sending the texts is 729-725 if that helps.

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Hello all,

I received a notification from this thread and it looks like people are having the same issue as me. So pretty much what happened... I switched to Shaw Mobile because they had a very good deal (25gb for $45). I received a call from Fido a few days later with a matching offer and I switched back to Fido.

All went well except short code SMS's stopped work. All my two-factor authentication logins stopped working (the websites couldn't send the code to my phone for me to login).

Tried a bunch of different things like resetting the network, turning off iMessage, etc. None of that worked because the problem is with the previous provider or Fido.

I called into Fido customer care, the initial rep will asked me to reset the network and try to send the short code SMS back to my phone (which did not work). He then referred me to technical support which took down my information and problem for further research. The tech's hunch was that there was an issue on Shaw's side (the provider I transferred from). That the short code SMS' were still going there. After 1-2 days, they started working again, technical support corrected it on the back end.

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I'm sure this will help some of our other Community members.



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I have very similar problem. I can't receive verification messages from CIBC. I never have had this problem, but after port in my number from Freedom to Fido, I do not receive them. And nobody is able to help me. At my bank, they told me everything is ok there, Fido consultant told me the same. So everything "is ok" but still it doens't work. So if someone know, where can be problem, please let me know. 

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I have a few questions: 


-What is the the model of your phone?

-Have you taken a look at your phone settings?


Let me know!

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Hi Daniela,

I have iPhone XR

Yes, I did, Fido adviser at the store tried, an adviser at the bank tried and a Fido agent online tried to navigate me how to set up my phone... Everything is how it should be... So there is probably some technical problem which appeared after my number was ported.

Hlelo @PeLeg


No short or verfications would be blocked on our network.


Are you on the latest IOS version of your device?


Also, do you have the option to get the verification code by email?

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Hi @FidoKenny, yes I am. Unfortunately, I don't have the email option, but I can receive the message by calling. So it is important, there is at least some option...

Hey @PeLeg! Philippe here.


Do you have any trouble sending or receiving regular text messages at all or is the problem just with the CIBC verification?

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Hi Philippe,

now I know only about the CIBC verifications. 

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We replied to your other post on the Community as we'll need to take a closer look into your account to 


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Thanks for the detailed information you've provided so far! Can you let us know if you've experienced trouble receiving messages from short codes in the past?


If you were on WiFi at the time you were supposed to receive the short code, can you try turning it OFF to see if it changes anything? If you have an iPhone, you could also try turning off iMessages. 


Finally, can you text HELP to the short code and tell us if you receive anything back?


Keep us in the loop!



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Until recently, I received verification codes from paypal with no problem. Then about a month (may 2-months) started having problems; not gettring the code which they indicate was sent. Interstingly my wife's number DOES recieve the codes if I specify her (fido cell) number in the Paypal login. She is on the same fido canada account as I am. Paypal phone support claim that they send the SMS code but Fido is blocking it. It is outrageous that this goes on for so many Paypal users. It would be very appropriate if someone at a high level at Fido, Rogers, Telus (etc) give Paypal an ear full and threaten a law suit for falsely trying to pass blame to the carriers for their (paypals's). Some butt need to be kicked somewhere. P.S. I've been on hold at your "support" number for about an hour now. Please if you must make people wait so long, at least put some less horrible **bleep** music on. Maybe boost your tech support staff to at least 3-(trained) people.
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My problem with the verification messages is solved. Thank you very much guys fot your effort. Smiley 

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Hi @PeLeg 

I am having the same issue with receiving two factor authentication texts after porting from freedom/shaw to Fido. Any ideas how I can fix it?

Thank you!

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@rnuggetsWhen was your number ported? To be honest, nobody was able to tell me what's happened, but everything started working after one week. So if you have a chance to wait and by the time to use another kind of verification... I found in internet, that more people have the same experiance...

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We're sorry for the delays, Black Friday is always extremely busy but everyone's working as fast as they can to get back to all our customers.


With this being said, can you insert your SIM card in your wife's phone and let us know if you received the code or not?


Keep us posted if it still doesn't work, we'll send you a PM to take a closer look into it. 




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I have not had trouble receiving short codes in the past - I received one from my bank last week. 
I have tried turning off wifi and requesting a verification code and I still don’t receive anything.

i have tried texting HELP to the short code number and I receive nothing back (both on wifi and off wifi)

Hello @xyzz,


I do not think the problem is with Fido after looking this up I can see a lot of people having the same issue with PayPal. It's my belief that the problem is with PayPal and not the carrier. 


Some people had to request the verification code a few times to force it to send while some people change to get a call instead of getting a text.

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PayPal insist that their text messages are successfully being sent to me from their end.

I've requested new codes over and over and over for multiple days now. I wish it gave me the option for a phone call.

Has anyone been able to solve this problem before? I'm considering changing mobile carriers because I know for a fact Freedom Mobile successfully receives the codes.

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  While I'm not sure why you are unable to receive the verification texts from PayPal, I can verify that at least some Fido customers can receive those texts from PayPal. I just signed onto PayPal.ca



  If there is something else that is causing your issue, switching providers may not solve your problem. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what's your best next step, though.


Hope this helps 😀