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UPS Lost parcel

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1



I've been hours in conversation with Fido, at beginning because of an iPhone 8 that was not working properly. After 3 weeks they finally sending me back a new one. In that parcel, we always receive a UPS label to return the other phone to them by UPS. I'm working in a big office, where UPS Pickups are been done every day. I have put back the iPhone in the box, place back the label on the box and our usual Pickups driver past to SCAN the box and leave with the precious. The precious, because, 2 months after, FIDO's looks after with a bill of 1,500$ because they never received the phone. Now I'm battling with FIDO & UPS because none of them giving a proper support to resolve the case, Client support 611 is the only way to speak to someone to discuss the case and every time you call back, you have to start over and over again! Did past at least 10h on phones with them. Would you have some advice, as I had my company have out the report call done to UPS the same day that they came pickup with the picture of the box with the label at the very same day with indications of the area where they was doing the pickup plus the time that match the call. And it seems to be not enough and under the feeling that FIDO blaming me for losing the phone through UPS. I have been there client for 12 years, I have four lines with them and they make me feels like I’m the person in fault… I can understand it is not their fault (Fido) but UPS, but as their client getting stuck with a bill due of 1,500$ with their UPS Label as it is FIDO that give us the label, not the client having it ready, they should get involve more and have a precise department or person getting the client in charge and helping them…


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Hmm, I see. You're at the right place for help Smiley


In such situation, we'd need to open an investigation with UPS, we have a process in place. Once we have the result of the case, we'll be able to advise!


I'll send you a PM and we'll check this out together.