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Transfering from fido to chatr

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Hey guys,


I am kinda fed up with Fido's cheatings of fake promises when they sold me their plans 3 months ago. So i am thinking of transfering my number to Chatr. Are there any cancellation or any type of fee associated in this case? 






Hello @elvindenyarov,


If you got a device from Fido then you will just need to pay off the device balance.


What promise was made that you did not receive? Did you try speaking to customer service?

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

It was my personal device, so no it is not from the FIDO. 


I have been trying to solve the problem for about last two months. The issue is when I approached the store in ChinaTown, the seller told me that they have promotion (which is 8 CAD (+tax) deduction from 55 CAD plan) for 12 months starting from the 2nd month billing - so I have to pay regular bill for the first month and rest should havve been deducted.


when the 2nd month bill came it turned out that they have not applied the promotion - called the store directly and the guy denied that he has promisied me that, and stated that they never had any promotion like that. Went to their store and they checked my profile and found the notes that promo must be effective on either 2nd or latest 3rd month billing. Apologized for their "lies". And I left the store with the "fact".


Now when it is time for the 3rd billing, they played same game and now I called customer service, they opened case - which resulted with the outcome that I have to pay 3 months regular price before being eligible for the promotion. Well, as a customer it is not my problem that Fido's store manager's code of ethics are based on lies or strategies that "let's sell more, then we can make up a story for it". Afterall, they can easily solve the problem if they check the store's notes in my account. But everyone that I contacted do not care about that at all. 


As I understand company tries to get as much as possible from me before applying the promotion. 

Hello @elvindenyarov,


Thanks for letting us know the problem, most times promotions get applied after the 2nd or 3rd invoice.

If I understand correctly it sounds like they are honoring the discount and it will be applied after 3 months, so you should be good.