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Terrible Service Levels and Support

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I've only been with Fido a few days and so far I view the service levels and support as abhorrent.

1) Fido call centre does not adhere to the business hours advertised on their website

2) When attempting to reach call centre in the middle of the day, call terminates due to circumstances beyond their control as per their message

3) When actually queued for the call centre, wait times are in excessive of 3 hours

4) No assistance on Facebook messager or Twitter platforms aside from automated responses.


I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Yea I called last Saturday and waited for 2 hours and got Hangup on. Then when I called back an automated message said there closed. I called back again in 2 mins and the line went through, still had to wait over an hour.


my issue got escalated to the presidents office and they simply said their supervisor made a mistake and they can't honour the agreement plus they went ahead and changed my plan to a random plan of their choosing. I called back to see if the changes were applied correctly 2 days later and then they tell me that everything's in the notes and they messed up. 

found a another carrier, offering better deals the. This place. Just need to find the time to go port over. 

don't bother with escalation, I've been on this forum for hours. This seems to be a common practice. Do yourself a favour and find something better. I was told they only care about aquiring new customers, they don't care about the rest the folks showing loyalty.