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Taxes On Bill - Hardware

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1



I moved from BC to AB and kept my number to make things easy for contacts. I upgraded my phone over the phone at Fido and got charged PST and GST even though I live in AB and shipped it there. Can anyone explain why this would have been the case? 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi everyone!

Taxes are applied differently depending on the charges. 

When it comes to a handset upgrade, taxes are based on the billing address. For regular monthly services, taxes are based on the province where the Fido number is registered.


@Pulmeria, can you confirm if you still have your BC address on the account? 

Hey @Pulmeria!


Did @FidoRachel's reply help out? 


Let us know Smiley 

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  @FidoSolutions Could we get some verification please?


  I understand that the taxes on plans are related to the phone number used. That makes sense. Does the same apply to hardware shipped to a destination different from phone number?


  A purchased phone does not necessarily mean it will be used with the plan on the account. If the phone was purchase with a plan, it doesn't necessarily mean the phone will be used with said plan. Even if the phone was subsidised, I think the taxes on the hardware portion should be different from the taxes on the plan if the phone was shipped to a different Province.


  When I lived in AB, I used to be able to make purchases in other Provinces and bring those items to AB and get refunded the taxes. If items were shipped to AB, those taxes were not charged. As long as the items  physically ened up in AB, it didn't matter in which Province they were purchased. I understand the situation is slightly different, however, hardware and plans are not the same either.


  Is there a difference with regards to taxes on plans vs hardware when from different Provinces?




Hello @Pulmeria,


It's because the taxes are directly related to the location associated with the phone number you're using as confirmed here.