Stolen Phone

Stolen Phone

Stolen Phone

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Stolen Phone

So you guys got verey few hours left in the 3 days i was told youd call its bs i better not get a bill for a phone i never even seen yet like 


Hey @Richyrich


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I am not certain to understand your post here, were you waiting for a follow-up by phone from one of our departments? 


Can you tell us a little more about what's going on?




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Yeah 3days ago i called and was tild someone would call should be getting on that if yall want your money im not paying for what i donr have not right. Like  im gwttung pissed off waiting for you ppl lets go i also got to do and cant be waiting on you to not call and help me out but yet you can send me a bill for somthing that was stolen. Blue mad

Hey @Richyrich,


I'm not 100% sure to understand the situation here. I would like to know more, we want to help!


You ordered a new phone and the device was stolen upon receiving it?


Can you give us more details on what happened exactly?

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Upgraded ups delivery they had wrong address so it had to sit in a truck over night so buyys stole it from the bottom of the box why am i tellimg toy this your court case ppl should have called by now 

Hey @Richyrich!


If I understand you correctly, you're saying that the package was stolen during delivery before you received it.


Is that correct?

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Yes.  Well is sat overnight well they got my address figure it out

Let me see if I can help you with that. Smiley


I'll need to check out your account though. I will send you a private message to do just that.


Talk to you soon!