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Sell / Trade financed device

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi all,

I was considering buying a (Samsung) device through the "Fido Payment Program", but I wasn't sure of the conditions. Specifically i wanted to know if I would be able to later sell my device or trade it in with a newer phone from the manufacturer (not Fido) before the 2 year payment term is up. I will continue paying the remainder of the term, but just wanted to know if I can change my phone somehow without cancelling the payment program. What I understood is that since Fido is just financing it (and it's not a lease), I should be free to do as I please with the device.

Can someone please guide me and point me to the terms and conditions?



Good morning @fidocustomer99,  as long as you continue paying off the financed device or pay out the balance owing, you most likely can sell your device. Having said that, if you try to finance another device, the previous balance must be paid out first before ordering and financing another. So you can probably sell your device and continue with the monthly payment, but to finance another one you will have to pay the balance. Unless you add another line and pay for 2 lines and 2 monthly device payments. That would be an expensive way to get another device. That was probably a longer answer than you were looking for. 😆