Delete my FIDO Account

Delete my FIDO Account

Delete my FIDO Account

I'm a Participant Level 1

Delete my FIDO Account

I recently changed to Public Mobile, I was wondering why I keep getting FIDO bill ?


But this time, it shows I have $-24.15.


Can I totally delete my relation/account etc with FIDO due to privacy reason ?


Thank you.



Hey @hadi2


After deactivating your account, you will get a final invoice form us. Your access to will also remain active to allow you to see your payment and billing history.


On your final bill, you will see the partial adjustments (credits) for all of your recurring charges up to the day your services cancel. The usage is also prorated until the deactivation date and may cause extra charges if you go over the allowed usage. 


If there is a credit above $10 left on your account it will be refunded automatically. Refunds will be issued by check 2 weeks after your final invoice is out. The check is mailed to your billing address. The address can be a foreign address too Smiley