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Security concern or why is Fido lying to me?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I woke up one day to find an email from Fido saying that my plan was changed from $50 to $110 valued plan. I did not receive a call from Fido, I did not authorize any changes and I did not receive a notification that my plan is about to change at least 30 days in advance. 


Obviously, I had to call Fido and aksed for explanation. I was told how I actually did receive the call and that I actually did authorize account change. Person on the other side of the line was very rude and provided little to no explaination what actuall happened. I had to call multiple times and talk to 8 persons until I got everything sorted out. 


After all that back and forth I did finally get to talk to someone who was reasonable enough to even listen to me, but other than one month free of charge and story how that was actually mistake on Fido's end, I got no explanation about what really happened and how can someone get into my account and increase monthly charges from $50 to $110.


I know when I call I always need need to answer multiple questions to verify my account, so what really bothers me here are Fido's security protocols and my personal informarion that are being stored at Fido. Cam someone please explain:

1. How can anyone access my account without authorization?

2. How can anyone change my monthly charges without my consent?

3. Why would anyone at Fido claim that I received the call, because calling history on my bill says there were no incoming calls at that time?


I am gratefull for compesation that I received, which is one month free of charge, but that does not explain what actually happened, why was I being blamed for obvious internal error and how can we all feel safe in this world full of security frauds around us.





Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @urosmitrovic


These details should be available on your account, and we should be able to share them with you. I'm sorry to hear that was not the case, and we'd be happy to look into it as well.


To clarify, email notification are part of our security procedure to ensure that you're notified of any changes done on your account. There are other measures that can be added for extra security as well, such as a PIN, and VoiceID to name a few.


I'll be sending a PM too so we can go over the details together. Talk to you soon Smiley