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Robo Calls

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi all,
Why do I have to spend an hour to what amounts to wait, wait, wait, and explain, explain...
I have two (2) calls on my bill that "APPEAR" to be originated from MY phone to two (2) VERY traceable numbers that can be found (and logged!) on various sites.
I find it offensive that FIDO wants to charge me the $4.95 that I DIDN'T originate, and further, I find it offensive that all these numbers ARE WELL KNOWN, so it should not even be an issue to reverse the charges if/when they happen.
1 - Why can't FIDO be more progressive and active at blocking these bots?

2 - How are you dealing with these calls?


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi Philippe,

I was able to get the long-distance charge dropped. However, the numbers are very well known on the internet, 

787-710-7264Puerto Rico
650-419-1505LA HONDA CA

Naturally, I did NOT originate a call to them (much less spend 9 minutes talking with them), yet the FIDO system attributed my account as such.
I would expect any telco or wireless carrier to update the system to lookout for these numbers and block them, or at least not have an issue when we call about removing their charges.

My dependence on receiving calls from around the world is for work, so I can't simply ignore a number because I don't recognize it. 

787-710-7264 | 17877107264 - Robocaller Warning!


Hey @joecid! Philippe here.I hope you're doing well. Smiley


I'll be happy to help you get more information on that!


Can you provide a few more details about the calls in question please (without sharing any of your personal information) and why you were charged for them?



I'm glad to hear you were able to have to charge dropped.


If ever you encounter any scam like these, you should definitely reoort them to Canada's anti-fraud center here: