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Roaming calls cannot be completed

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I've landed in India/Mumbai and connected to the AIRTEL network. I see the following things.


1. I Cant call both local and canadian numbers (On dialing, the service provider (Airtel) plays the recording. Your call cannot be completed due to Congestion in the network. Ok. i tried an hour later the same issue.  Restarted, Same issue. Changed Phone Same issue.

2. Data is working. but i'm connected to EDGE network. Which is very slow. Of course, i've enabled LTE/HSDPA. Restarted phone. Enabled roaming. etc. Tried a different phone same effect.

3. I can just call a single number in Canada Strangely. it works without congestion. 





Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Kb1231,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you're having issues with using your device abroad. Firstly, you should note that like all mobile providers outside of the India, Fido would rely on the local provider infrastructure to provide access when in Country. In addition, there are many factors which can affect cellular reception (ie proximity to cellular towers, device used, possible sources of interference,.. etc).


  What phone(s) are you using? Had you verified that your device is compatible with the networks in India? You can verify the compatible bands/frequencies here. If you are unable to access the '3G' or LTE networks, it's possible your device does not have the required bands/frequencies. You should also note that, even if your device has compatible LTE bands/frequencies, voLTE may not be available when roaming on the Airtel networks. While they have opened up National voLTE roaming in India, that appears to be for their customers and not necessarily for foreign SIM devices on their networks. In addition, it also appears that they might need updated OS software to use their voLTE (see here).


  Unfortunately, if you don't have compatible bands/frequencies for '3G' or LTE, you won't likely be able to access those networks. If you are able to eventually access the LTE network for data, you might not be able to use that network for calls so they could be restricted to the GSM network.


  Alternatively, if your device is supported for Wifi-calling (and you readily have access to Wifi at your destination(s)), that may also be an option. You should note that some Wifi-calling usage would also be considered roaming and incur Fido Roam charges.


**edit** I understand you were only able call one number in Canada. Have you verified that you were using the proper dialling format with International Calling Code (see here). For India, you would need to dial 00 prior to 1-xxx-xxxx. Alternatively, you could add the plus symbol (+) before the country code (ie +1-xxx-xxxx). Is it possible the number you were successfully able to call had the number stored with International dialling format?**


Hope this helps 😀