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Random credit inquiry and poor communication.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



I decided to move to Fido as Telus was overpriced for the service provided, Was super happy with my Fido service for a long long time and even provided a deposit to the retailer who set me up with fido, after a year fido refunded this and added it as credit towards future invoicing, once this credit was used up i started getting proper bill amounts again and thought nothing of it. I have never missed a payment nor have i ever been late a single time.. I checked my credit score and to my dismay see my score has dropped 10 points after climbing steadily for the last few years. The open balance on the inquiry shows the total cost of my last bill (which was paid SAME day i recieved it, with a due date of yesterday. Again i paid the bill on 02/28/2021 when the due date shown says 03/23/2021 so almost a month IN ADVANCE!)

They will not provide any sort of clear communication as to WHY this happened nor will they admit their mistake, i have not asked for any new services nor asked or used any sort of credit from Fido.


Once my contract is up I will be moving to a new provider and reporting the company to the BBB. In the beginning i loved my Fido service and recommended it to many friends and family, a year later and thousands of dollars of revenue to them they report me as delinquint leaving an horrible taste in my mouth.


But before this happens i have some questions.


1: Why after a full year of zero lateness and even payment in advance by WEEKS are you stating i owe you money and was submitted as delinquint on my credit report.

2: Why does Fido open a case to review and resolve but never gets back to you until you call or chat again, I was told 5-10 days but after 14 days of no response and no change i have to contact Fido again for any answers.

3: Why does Fido not take responsibility for their mistakes and or provide any sort of clear communication about the issue or why it happened, nor even offer any compensation for damages caused by their mistakes of their own accord?


After several live chat sessions i still have no clear understanding as to why this happened and Fido takes zero responsibility nor will provide any compensation beyond "This will be removed from your report by the end of the month" 


As an as of now current loyal customer, i think i deserve some straight forward answers.





I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I also forgot to mention last month i logged into my account to see that i was 100% over my credit limit causing a suspension to my account, i have never used any credit from Fido. As of this very moment i login and see that i am now using 60% of my credit and to make a payment to avoid suspension, i click make a payment and it literally says 0.00 balance. 


Your system is broken, and its causing loyal customers to have drops in their credit score. I have never asked nor assumed i HAD credit on my account as i dont need it, i pay my bill in advance and have NEVER been late. 


Yall need to fix your coding or at the very least APOLOGIZE for making massive mistakes.

Hey @williamraccoon


I'll send you a PM so we can take a look at your account.