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Problems with Sign In portal page linking wireless account

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello Fido Fellows and Familia

I was just punted off FIDO's technical help line while waiting 36 minutes and having a representative

initially try and answer my query.  When I go to and log in, I am directed to a page asking me to link a wireless or residential account.  I use the drop down menu next to my phone number ( view bill, view usage, log out) and select either bill or usage and the page reloads with  (Link a wireless or residential account)  It always loads the same page

There are two prompts on this page ( account number) and postal code.

I have tirelessly entered my account number and postal code and the refresh says  account already linked.

I have reset cookies  on browser and  confirmed my password but I still cannot see billing or usage information.

I am not spending another 40 minutes in a que just to be unceremoniously hung up on.

darcy davis vancouver bc  



Hey ther @bongobbq 


If you still need support with your situation, please reach us out in private on Facebook, X or Instagram and we'll be happy to look into that with you, thank you.