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Pro-rated data

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

If you buy data in the middle of the month, does it get pro-rated till the end of the month? How do you calculate how much data do yiu have left?


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



if i have 2gb data bonus added to my account starting today april 1st and my billing cycle starts on the 10th is that data bonus pro rated for the next nine days or i get the full 2gb data potential usage?



Hey @don888


I have moved your message in this thread as the topic is similar and I am sure you'll find the answer here.



I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

No. Not the top-ups. My plan gives me 5gb of data. However, I just started it on Nov 20th. Till Nov 30th, do I get the full 5gb of data?

We'd need a bit more info for this @CHOCO1 Smiley


You said that you just started it so


Is it regarding a new activation?


Or it was a change of plan during a cycle on an existing line?


Are you able to see your data limit on My Account or the Fido App?


Let us know

Hi @CHOCO1! We never heard back. Did you figure this out?


To clarify a few things, here's how data proration works:


Data top-ups :

These are not pro-rated, you always get the full amount to use.


Plan changes Mid-Cycle Price Plan Changes (Changes not done on the first or last day of the billing cycle) : 


Pulse plan to Pulse plan :

If you have a Pulse plan and take a new Pulse plan then you automatically get the larger data bucket for the entire cycle. This is automatic.

Ex. You have a 3GB plan and change to a 5GB plan, you get 5GB for that cycle. 


Any other type plan change:

If you are not going from a Pulse plan to a Pulse plan, then all data is prorated. This means that you get a partial amount of data from the old plan (for the number of day's you had that plan) and a partial amount of what the new plan has. 


I hope this info clears things up! We're here if you have questions Smiley 



I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

How do you calculate the pro-rated amount of data? Like, 5GB / 30days, if it was for November. And then, times that by the number of days left in a cycle?



Yes! That's how you would calculate the pro-rated amounts Smiley




First plan offers 300Mb and second one offers 600Mb. If you change it in the middle of November (15th) it would look like :


300Mb / 30days * 15days = 150MB   +   600Mb / 30days * 15days = 300MB


You would get a total of 450Mb (150 + 300) for the month of Nov however it would be 150MB until the 15th and 300MB after the 15th. 


I hope this helps!

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @CHOCO1!


Welcome to the community Smiley 


If you're referring to our data top-ups, they're not prorated. You get the full amount to use right away.


The data in your Data Top-up will show in your Fido My Account after midnight of the date you purchased it. We recommend you login to your Fido My Account at or download the My Account app to check your usage.


You can find further details on the data top ups here.