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Prepaid Sim Card Activation

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I bought fido prepaid sim card yesterday at The Mobile Shop and paid $10+tax. They said that they do not activate the sim card at store I need to call fido to activate. I called fido and they said they cannot activate the sim over the call go to the store. Again I went to store they said they can not activate as that is their policy. I called fido multiple times, I get the fido representative talk to The mobile shop sales person, they confirm they can't activate, I spoke to supervisor still they did not activate my sim. After all the run around and wasting my time still I did not got refund nor got sim activated. There is a loop hole in the system and customer has to suffer. There must be someone responsible for this, i must be compensate for inconvenience,  waste of time and sim card fee. Now I am so frustrated I want refund for sim but no one is taking responsibility to refund. I am hoping this post will alert fido to address this issue and customer will have information that not to buy fido prepaid sim from The Mobile Shop.


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Hello Trisha24,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear of your situation. Unfortunately, The Mobile Shop would be a third-party re-seller and might not be able to activate pre-paid services. Are you able to visit a Fido store? 


  I understand you have contacted customer service. However, had you contacted their dedicated pre-paid line or their general customer service line? I do know the regular customer service line is often not able to address issues with pre-paid accounts. You can view the contact information for the pre-paid customer service line here. That said, they may require activations in-store as a security measure. If you are required to go into a store to get the SIM activated, I think it would need to be a Fido store, and not a re-seller of their services.


  Additionally, if you are able activate your SIM for pre-paid services, are you aware pre-paid balances have expiry dates? The length of time prior to expiry varies depending on top-up amount (see here).


Hope this helps 😀



Hi @Trisha24 , that must have been very frustrating for you. Did you try to activate your Sim card online with You could try that or ask live chat to assist you. I'm not very well versed on prepaid. Everything I've read is that you have to provide 2 pieces of information at a mobile outlet to get them to activate your new Sim card. You could contact fidosolutions on Twitter or Facebook and have them verify the correct method.