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Prepaid 400mins/400 texts 100$/yearly plan

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Hi Fido,


Some clarification and/or assistance with a Prepaid plan that states offering 400 sms/year, including both outgoing and incoming. How is it, in 2022, Fido would charge/deduct for received text messages? Especially when there are countless scams from banks/CRA/RQ/Videotron, etc, where scammers send sms (often weekly or more) to click on links for supposed 'refunds', 'contests', 'deals', etc..


If the plan gives Prepaid clients 400 msgs per year, but we lose almost half to unsolicited incoming texts, where one has no ability or control to block, how does that work out?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. (Especially as the other Prepaid Fido plans do not charge/deduct for received text messages..).


Thank you!



Hello @MCB_52


This is definitely not the experience that we want for you.

For spam messages, you can always report those to the Canadian Anti Spam cente here.


We are always happy to verify your account with you. You can find all the ways to reach our prepaid service here.



I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

But FidoKenny, what about the plan (400 minutes/400 texts incoming and outgoing for 100$)??? Are you saying, each time we have an unsolicited text deducted from our 400 bundle, we just report it to the over-burdened Anti-spam center?


I really wish to know why the 100$ Prepaid plan, gives users 400 texts each year, including INCOMING texts? The question is how can Fido possibly count received text messages as part of a client's bundle, when no other Monthly/Prepaid plan does this? Every other Fido plan does not count incoming text messages, especially when there's a limit of 400!


Is it possible to understand this plan, or even, what it is you're suggesting here? Thank you...


Good afternoon, 


We received confirmation there is no unlimited SMS included in the $100 plan.


400 SMS is the total incoming and outgoing SMS for this plan.