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Plan which include roaming in USA

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Two Canadian carriers now have plans that include Canada and USA roaming for $50 a month. Has anyone heard if Fido will get competitive and join.


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Senior MVP

Hello JC409,


@JC409 wrote:

... Has anyone heard if Fido will get competitive.... 

  I understand US/Canada plans might be attractive to some customers. However, being competitive does not necessarily mean having to match the other providers. Sometimes, it means offering something the other providers do not. Until recently, Fido has offered the 5 Hours of Unlimited Data as well as Fido Xtra which are not available from the other providers. That said, Fido has announced that the Fido Xtra program is ending November 30th, 2023.


  With regards to a US/Canada plan, Fido actually does offer one. However, it is not available in all markets. Initially, it was only available to customers in Québec. In fact, it is still on the Québec plan offerings (available for new activations only). Apparently, the offer might have been extended to customers with an Ottawa area code (see here). I do understand some of the other provider offerings might not be limited to certain areas.


  It's possible Fido may have plans to introduce some other feature or service which could replace the Fido Xtra program. However, that would be entirely speculation. Unfortunately, no one here would know about future plan features. Even if there were individuals who are privy to that information, they would not be able to discuss such matters until they are officially announced. As mentioned below, any new offerings would be made public on


Hope this helps 😀




Hello @JC409,


If/when they do it will be announced on