Phone number change online

Phone number change online

Phone number change online

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Phone number change online


I have a question about changing the phone number.

Actually, I've moved from Vancouver to Toronto.

I want to change my phone number for the local area.

I tried many times to change my phone number via Fido online

then every time I press the confirm button it shows up Oh-oh!

Some error occurred. Please try again later.

Furthermore, I used Chrome and Microsoft edge that were cleared the cache and cookies.


How can I change my phone number?


More question, If I don't change my phone number for a local area, is there any penalty?






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there should be no cost to change your #,

there is not really no need to change ur #, as most people call/txt for free to canadian #s.

if you keep the vancity #, make sure that you call the people back, instead of taking the call.



Hello @jkd7387!


I suggest you get in touch with us as it looks like we'll have to escalate that issue. You did a fine amount of troubleshooting there. Smiley


You can contact us here or we can send you a private message.


To answer your second question; there's no charge if you change your phone number to that of a different city.


Hope that helped. Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 3



I wanna change my phone number 


so can you send me a private message?



Hey @jkd7387!


We just sent you PM.


Talk to you soon!