Ordered phone on Back Order?

Ordered phone on Back Order?

Ordered phone on Back Order?

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Ordered phone on Back Order?



I ordered a new Samsung A8 over the weekend, and I have recieved confirmations of my plan being changed, and the Hardware Order Update PDF provided me with "Back Order Details", which I find absolutely confusing.


Does this mean the model of phone I ordered is on back order?  Or is this just an initial step of the fullfillment process?


Hello @RedMageX!


Normally, you would receive an email to confirm the order and an email to confirm that the device has been shipped.


Can you give further details on the email(s) you have received so far?


Let us know. Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 2

I got the delivery notice early this morning.


UPS currently has my package, but I'm waiting for them to drop it off at a local UPS store so I can pick it up, since they required a signature.  A bit inconvenient, but at least it's there.

Thanks for letting us know @RedMageX!


They'll attempt delivery at your address first. If they cannot reach you, they will leave a notice and bring the package to the nearest UPS drop-off point.


Let us know if you have any other question/concerns.


The community is here to help. Smiley