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People beware! Winback team will just give you headache and frustrations...

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Nov. 18, 2021 - I received a call from winback team from "Quebec" about their plan offer and a phone deal. I accepted the offer and the phone deal plus a bill credit offer to negate the downpayment.. Gave my driver's license number and credit card number ( which i still worry about). I also gave consent for credit check. Done. I was told to wait for 24-48 hours for email delivery confirmation.


Nov. 19, 2021: I called customer service agent from "Prince Edward Island" to inquire about the winback offer I had accepted. CS agent said they don't have my email address on my new account they have setup. CS agent said she will input my email address and this agent said she will send a message to winback team to "finalize" the deal. CS told me winback will callback in 24-48 hours.

That same day, I was at Apple store to pick up a phone I bought for my daughter. Apple rep had ask me if I would need a phone for myself. I answered that I am just finalizing an offer from winback team about an iphone deal and a plan. Apple rep was kind enough to offer help by contacting Fido on my behalf and see if I can get the phone thru them while I am there already. After, few minutes Apple rep told me that the person she spoke with from Fido could not do anything from the winback team and I should just wait for them to get back to me.


Nov. 20, 2021: NO Call and still NO email at all. I called custoner service number and I was only told to try the store to see if they can help. 


Nov. 21, 2021: I went to a Fido store, I was told they can't help me regarding winback. The sales person at the store was rude and I was told "everything will take forever".  I tried a different Fido store, sales person was kind but nothing they can do to help me to where can I get my sim and the phone deal that I accepted.


Nov. 22, 2021: I called Fido customer service, I ask for the new account number they have set-up for their offer. The only thing the CS agent can help me is to send a message from winback to call me back. I ask the CS agent to escalate my concern to a manager. CS agent said she will send a message to their manager and I shall receive a call within 24-48 hours.


Nov. 25, 2021: Still NO call or email? I called Fido CS number. (this is a looooong wait...). Asking for any update regarding my request and the offer I have accepted. CS agent, she could not help me except for sending a message to winback to call back?


Nov. 26, 2021:  I have decided that this was all but a joke and I am starting to feel sorry for myself of why I even bother accepting this "winback" offer or trickery. I feel as if I am begging for something I did not ask for in the first place. So, I called CS number again.... I waited for 1 hour.... FInally, someone answered! Yehey! I told the agent, I am not interested anymore with this offer and I would want them to cancel my account as the winback team took my credit card number. CS agent told me that I would need to speak to the Loyalty team? to be able to do that?!! While I was asking why can't she or the winback team can't do that? While explaining to the CS agent what had happened, CS agent with an urgent tone requested that she needs to go and asked me if I could go back in cue?!! After that, the line went to the wait/hold  moment with the redundant background music playing again. By the time the timer on my phone hit 1 hour and 45 minutes trying to get things sorted out, I just could not take it anymore and so I hang-up and left the cue.


Nov. 27-28 - I had the best sleep for a while...I came to accept that all of these that happened was just a bad dream.


Nov. 29, 2021: an agent called from Fido. I did not get his name but I heard him say that he is from the "winback team". After hearing that winback team word again. My blood just boiled as I was expecting a call from the loyalty team? so I can cancel the account they have set up and to make sure my credit card number gets erased from their system and most of all I I don't want to receive anything from them (Fido) anymore. I did not gave a chance to hear the "winback" agent wanted to say because I don't want to get through this all over again. I never ask for this head ache and frustration. My week was going really good until I recieve this random call from FIdo which I regretted answering at all.


This deal might be true, but jjust beware what you will go through. Unless of course, you don't mind calling customer service every niw and then and wait almost an hour to ask what happened to the offer you accepted. or,  you don't mind being promised that they will get back to you within "24-48 hours" which obvioulsly in my case has gotten over a  week but still NOTHING... or, you don't mind telling the same story all over again to different agents (BTW, are based offshore but pretends that they are in Canada) and the best part of all after re-telling your story over and over and over again- you will get the same answer " winback team will get back to you in the next 24-48 hours"!!!.


WOW! I don't know how your winback team got their training? Fido, you will lose more customer doing this to people. STOP fooling people around and gettiing their personal details from their driver's license, their credit card number and do credit checks when in the first place you cannot commit to your promises on time. these information should be done in store for safety reasons like what other competitor of your's does or if that is not possible, at least do that when everythinfg is really finalize and have a different department located locally within Canada in a secured line.


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Holy Moly! FIDO WINBACK team needs a new name and needs to be called FIDO NAIL THE COFFIN SHUT TEAM.
I am looking at all the comments here and looks like I dodged the proverbial bullet here!

Same thing happened to me .
Jan 2 the so called WINBACK team calls.. spoke to Ramin from Montreal. What a joke this guy is! DID NOT want to talk to me at all! finally very hesitanly talks to me. Offers me a deal half heartedly. I said I have to check with VIRGIN if I'll have any cancellation costs. He says he will call me back next day. Well.. he doesnt. I wait a day and call the number back, goes to VM. Leave a VM, wait a day, no call back. I call customer service, they are clueless !! They say "sucks to be you wait for the "Win back team" to call back" I wait a few days no go. Chat with the "customer service" people, they say they will have to request a call back. So my hero Ramin calls back. Good God I wish I had recorded the call!! He is a joke!

Freaking hilarious! He goes on to mock me, says that I didnt call back or bother to contact customer service if i was so interested in the offer he made! I could not believe my freakin ears!! I told him I DID! and he insists he called me back.. when I asked when and what time he laughs and says "I dont know maybe I called maybe I didnt"

FIDO!!!!!! Listen to the call he made to me at 15:54 pm MST Jan 19, 2022 it is unbelievable
FIDO, you and your WINBACK team that you scored, truly are made for each other!! Can's say which one is a biger loser! At this rate, both FIDO and its joke of a "WIN BACK" team will ensure that they go out of business soon ! I really hope you do go out of business, because you need to realize that you are a phone service provider first. When your priorities change, and concetrate on other stuff.. well guess what.. you lose focus on what you were supposed to be to begin with!

Hey @reneesusan !


I'm truly sorry to learn about this experience you had with our Winback team, as this is definitely not the type of service we aim to provide. Sad

It's very important to us to have this looked into and that your feedback is forwarded so this doesn't happen again.

Please reach out through any of the methods listed here, when you have a moment. We'll then be able to look into the notes on your account to find out who you spoke with and send the feedback over.
We'll also be able to provide you with the current available offers, if you'd like. Smiley 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I don't see any methods to reach out here other than to reply back to this thread. There is no email address or an escalation route!! So not sure what you want me to do here? HOW do I reach out? Give me an email address! I have this guy's name, the dates and times he has called me! Question is - DOES FIDO EVEN CARE? If Fido does care, let me know HOW to reach you to have this looked at?
And - about the "current available offers"... is it just me who finds it a little more than shady that the "WIN BACK" team calls with an offer that is too good to be true, gets you all interested and then finds an "EXCUSE" to "CALL BACK" but then conveniently does not call back and then the offer that was too good to be true is sadly "no longer available"? there are 20+ cases listed here.. come on.. you dont think ALL of those are coincidences now, do you??

Tell me how to escalate this. 
I already have chat transcripts if you want me to post it here, let me know


Hello @renessusan,


There isn't an e-mail address. You can head over here: for the different methods to reach us and escalate if you need to. 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

So @FidoAnthonyZ @FidoValerie @FidoStephane  basically I should start another infinite loop with just tier 0 customer support agents who cannot do anything to begin with .. right?
Options available are :
Chat - already did. They said they cannot do anything
Facebook messenger : already did. They said they cannot do anything
Call : already did. They said they cannot do anything
Twitter : didnt try, will try that but I can guarantee you that even YOU know they will say they cannot do anything.

My question to YOU is - WHAT CAN YOU DO ???
STOP bouncing your aggravated customers around you are just passing the buck along with 0 intention of actually providing actual meaningful help!


I understand that you haven't found a solution to your issue at the moment, though we're here to help. Though we don't have the option of accessing your account to look into a solution if you don't reach out.

Please reach out using the methods we provided earlier and we'll be happy to help. 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

totally true!! i got this winback call as well and once i accepted, they would use execuse to say that they will call later and then you won't get call forever!


We're really sorry to hear that. 


Please reach out to us here so we can look into this with you