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I'm a Participant Level 1


Hello! Please help me to understand the situation. In my spam mail I found invoices from Your company with a large amount. I can't understand why. Log in to your personal account on Your site, I can not, maybe to recover the password requires a SIM card, and I do not have it. Once again I ask You to help me to understand this situation.

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Re: Payment

Hey @allenov,    


Welcome to the Community!    


In this case, I would recommend registering your log-in credentials with your email address as a username. You can do this by clicking on ``Register Now`` in the pop-up window after clicking on ``Sign In`` from the website.


 You then want to click on the option that shows you're the ``Account Holder``. You'll need your account number and postal code.

This will then send you a link that will help you finalize the registration.


Once you're logged in, you can click on ``Billing & Payments`` and view your invoice details.  


I hope this helped clarify things a little. Smiley 

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