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Overage charge 10 dollars per 1 MB of data over limit

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

This is an error on account, I assume it should say $10 per 1 GB ....






I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Latest update: 

OK big blunder... despite assurances from the rep at Fido (I called 2 days ago) who said the fees in the account are 100% wrong and should be 10 dollar per 1Gb, I was just charged 30 dollars for 256 mb before I stopped after seeing the charges on the account. 

Fido ... this is ridiculous. I am NOT going to pay this. Calling them tomorrow again.  So first of all the information in the account is completely wrong and misealding and secondly I have confirmed in the past on several ocassions the charges should be 10 dollars per 1 gb and the same was confirmed by the rep just 2 days ago.


Fido website needs work not the mention the website is just terribly poorly designed for performance.




Hey @fiedospuppies


We can surely review the charges on your account! You can call our customer service team or message us on Facebook or Twitter so we can review the charges. 


Regarding the data top ups, the Monthly data add-ons are only applicable on our new monthly plans. It doesn't apply to data only lines.

Data only plans have different overage rates, depending on the plan itself. 


As far as the website, we do take your feedback to improve it! 



I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

The monthly data top-ups are in fact showing under my data only plans, in fact the data plans are the old plans. 

Spoke with the support team today and it was confirmed again there is a glitch on the website in the Fido account showing the wrong plans and charges for data usage.


However, the information showing in the mobile app shows correct charges - $10 per 1Gb of data.


It took a lot of time to resolve because minimum waiting time is 1 hour per call to support. Shouldn't be like this. Why doesn't Fido hire more people. The margins Rogers and Fido makes are the highest in the world so I am sure they can affort to hire more people.


As I said earlier, for same data I pay 18 cents per 1 Gb in Europe.  The Canadian telcos make here astronimical profits. It's not too much to ask to expect a better customer service and higher quality of services. 


It is not my job fixing Fido website !


The quality of telecom services in Canada is on par with many 3rd world developing countries.



Screenshot 2020-12-16 at 5.11.06 PM.png

I'm glad to know that the app shows the correct information! We do thank you for pointing out those errors on our app/website. 


In regards to our current wait times, we do apologize for the extended delays! We're a bit busier than usual during the holidays, so it may take a bit longer for you to reach an agent. Nonetheless, we have other support channels other such as live chat or assistance via private message on Facebook or Twitter that could better suit you if the delays over the phone! 

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

It is the old tablet plan, yes 4gb for 15 dollars. Yes I have called the support desk and they said it is actually an error on Fido page and should say 1gb for 10 dollars. Even Iridium satellite internet connection cost about 7-8 dollars per 1mb of data if you are in the middle of the Pacific. 


The old 4gb/15 dollars plans did in fact had that in terms and conditions. However that information is gone now and what is left is a lot of confusion - wrong information in the usage information (this post) and several different rates depending on where in the account profile I look it up. So, besides that there are several other options...


Why would i go with this addon ? 




And why would I go with this addon? In particular this one is just for 48 hours. So that's what I guess is called a "great deal"






The new table plans are 4gb for 10 dollars with automatic cap and from what I understand have same options available if you call Fido but online this just the overage option.


Returned from Europe and I have another data plan there - (CORRECTION) 350 Gb data for 20 CAD taxes included and it's one-time 3G data and another monthly plan I have is the LTE/5G data full speed 100GB for 18 Canadian Dollars taxes included...   So that's for comparison with Fido rates.


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Fiedospuppies,


  The overage rates vary depending on the details of one`s plan. While that screen capture does suggest that there was a typo, I`m not sure if it`s wise to assume it`s per GB. The overage rate for some of Fido`s older plans were in the range of $5 per 250MB to $7 - $10 per 100MB (see here and here). I would be very surprised if the overage rate for that plan was $10 per GB. I`m guessing it would be $10 per 100MB, similar to the increased rate in 2018. The 34MB overage would still incur the $10 charge shown.


  You might consider contacting customer service to verify your actual overage rate. Assuming it`s per GB could cost you more than expected in future overages. Alternatively, you might consider sending @FidoSolutions a PM. Once they verify some information, they will also be able to access your account. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above.


**edit** To clarify, is that plan a Tablet plan? If it is, the overage rate might actually be per GB (see here).**


Hope this helps 😀