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Orders cancelled with no notice, poor customer service and not disclosing needed informatio

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


I have been dealing with customer service in a number of ways for the last 6 days after I ordered a Samsung S23 FE.


First order was for store pick up, did not receive an email for pick up (called two days later ) and was told the store cancelled the order, fine.


Second- ordered by customer service by phone. Followed up via chat and was told that the order was "at the warehouse". Later that day was told it was canceled via Facebook chat.


3rd order- placed by myself online after a lengthy chat with the team on Facebook and NO DISCLOSURE of any back order /delay etc. I am not paying for a more expensive plan on my bring your own device as I "wait" for the  phone I ordered. I do not think this is considerate, fair practices

 All the information is not being disclosed, I spend hours on the phone, on the Chat trying to get answers when I just get pushed around and no solutions come. Especially when the team is withholding information that I would like to make informed choices.


Now what!? I wait to see if this order is cancelled or if it takes weeks on weeks to ship if It ever does and continue to call because I don't get updates from Fido via email or otherwise.

I am incredibly dissatisfied with the service at Fido.


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



The same happend with me. My first express pick-up order got cancelled for Samsung S23 FE, wihtout my notice an me despite visiting the store twice, they were unable to tell me why.


Later on, customer service told me my order cancelation notes says "Customer never showed up to pick-up the order". I mean I went there twice. I have proof.


Second order: I placed the second order through customer services and after waiting for my device for 3 weeks , I called them and got to know that my second order has also been canclled, that too without any notice. I spent an hour with the customer services on call and they did not tell me why.


And, I am now done with this. I can't take this much of stress just becuase of device. Going to change my network now.


Fido has pathteic customer service and pathetic policies. 

Hello @AM856,


Welcome to the community!


I'm sad to hear that the entire device ordering process has caused you so much stress. We have been having issues with our Store pick-up service unfortunately. I recommend that you reach out so we can help re-submit an order for home delivery.


We would be sad to see you go.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Sorry to this, but it is not only store pick-up order. My second order was home delivery but it got cancelled as well, without any notice. 


I trusted Fido with my order and missed on all other black Friday offers and Fido, cancelled my order twice. Not going to do this again to allow Fido once more to give me all this once again.

That's quite odd! We understand an experience like that would be disappointing.


Please reach out to customer service at your convenience so this can be looked into further. We definitely want to make things right and pinpoint where the problem comes from! 


Hey @Britnhartman


We're sorry to hear that. 


When a device is high in demand, we unfortunately don't have a precise timeline as to when we'll have it back in stock.


However, once we receive the device and it's ready to be sent your way, we'll simply send you an email with the tracking number.

So, you can rest assured and not worry about contacting us.